PS5 hands-on are here!

It seems Sony sent a PS5 to Jeff Bakalar from CNET.

Austin Evans teasing something related too

Tech Radar too

Washington Post too

Maybe we’ll see even more people getting their hands on it soon.

Seems also that the PS5 accessories are out in the wild

What are you expecting to see and hear from these hands-on?

Credit & thanks to @foxlife for the link

Let’s start again. :wink:

Finally some embargoes lifting it seems.


I think with the 1st teases we see here, we’ll get more news next week if they get a console today or this week-end.

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Yeah, I guess most of 'm just received their consoles.

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Cool! Things are heating up now. :slight_smile:

Really curious to hear what people think about the console and controller when they can touch and interact with them.

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Yes I’m really interested to hear what the say about the heat and sound. Hope it will be good.

And also I want to see more how games are running on it like Demon’s Souls which seems a really good remake and Destruction All Stars looking fun as hell.

It’s a shame the prices are really high for these games but hey some will eat it up and spin it as a good thing.

Don’t start a new rumor on heat please :wink:


Cool! Seems it begins! The box seems quite big lol

Should be interesting to see some loading time tests to see if it’s indeed lightning fast. Some more footage of DS and MM would be cool too.


I want to see their BC and boost mode in action. Also load times would be nice too since they’ve been hyping up SSD

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The box doesn’t say Ray Tracing on it. What does this mean? :hot_face:


Lool giphy (6)

Anyway, Washington Post got their PS5 too


Since it’s friday , probably new week we’ll get impressions is my guess.


Finally. If they have embargos on different stuff, we get news Monday.

Otherwise we’ll have to wait. Full previews won’t be done in 1 weekend

They waited long enough, but better late than never. I mostly look forward to DF, they know wtf they are talking about.


About damn time. Looking forward to Digital Foundry’s preview/review.


Did we get hands on articles on XSX from all these sources posted here as well?