PS5 comes with PS4 pro hdmi cable - UPDATE: From IGN Italy


Watched that unboxing. It does say high-speed instead of ultra high speed. Also, the HDMI cable is short. Is Sony following Nintendo by giving everyone “kid” sized cables??? SMH.

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Still no proof :slightly_smiling_face: only useless blabla. Here on the OP you clearly see the nomenclature and reference serial number to what it is exactly. Numbers don’t lie. The proof here is way more solid than the blabla I saw other there saying yes but without any back up.


Meh, I had a quick look through it and they said three different sources had claimed 2.1 (some French youtuber, Eurogamer Spain, and IGN for a bit). I’m really not interested in digging up videos since I don’t get the point of unboxing videos in the first place so I’m not about to watch one for a system I don’t even care about to prove a point I’m not interested in :rofl:

To be clear, I’m not saying that it’s a 2.1 cable in there, it really doesn’t matter to me!

You can definitely tell Sony didn’t put as much care or thought into their hardware as MS did this time around.

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Sony probably customized it and decided it didn’t need those features…



Maybe sony knows you ain’t never gonna need a cable for 4k/120 :laughing:

Never the less, there is a good point here about how the supposed “experts” on consoles “missed” this bit.


These small things are really starting to add up.


Yep the 2nd proof adding up is here

HDMI 2.1 isn’t necessary for PS5, says Sony product manager

And when it came to discussion of the PS5, Mullins was adamant that a projector didn’t need HDMI 2.1 to be a good choice for gaming.

“The next-gen consoles are incredibly exciting,” Mullins says, “and are all about offering that best-in-class 4K performance.

“4K at 120Hz is… interesting, but actually with the next-gen consoles the baseline performance is to hit a really good native 4K/60Hz performance, and have that performance across many games.”

For now we didn’t see any native 4K60 on ps5 either …


someone send DF the memo

they missed it! :laughing:


Don’t worry Sony fans won’t complain or mind, they will appreciate the fact they get to give Sony money even if they have to buy another cable


There is a thread on the forum that Watch Dog Legion is 4K upscale on XSX but the Ubisoft thread of Valhalla being upscale on PS5 only is locked.


You hate to see it.

Sony fans will say wifi6 is more important than HDMI2.1

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Exactly. And after that, it will be something else. You can spin everything to a positive as it seems.

Remember the argument about crossplay ? Good times. In 2013, it was all about native 1080p resolution…But now native resolution is a waste. I could go on and on.

What it really means is that they don’t care. And now they blindly preordered the PS5 and want to enjoy it in peace, without anyone to complain.

So maybe we should leave it at that. But I guess some here have preordered the PS5 and can see through the bullshit.


Who cares what xbox haters think.

Its not great though that PS5 does not have a 4k 120fps cable.


Ah, yes clearly it’s HDMI 3. :stuck_out_tongue:


So im going to be required to buy an Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable if I want to play Sony’s exclusives at 4K with 120…

Oh, who am I kidding? Sony isn’t giving me 120FPS!!! I would consider myself lucky to see them give me 4K/60FPS at this point. LMAO.


Era is weird like that, one rule applies to one but not the other. Remember when everyone lost their minds over ac being 30fps on XSX, but then later turned out to be 60fps.

That never got locked either.

They can dump on xsx as much as possible over there.

Say anything bad about ps5 it’s concern trolling, or threads get locked. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just want the DF videos to hurry up and come…


I agree that things can seem a little inconsistent over there, which I assume is due to the fact that there’s a decent amount of mods each trying their best to minimize drama. It must be really hard to distinguish genuine conversation with bad faith attempts to score cheap points on other “sides” and they’re doing it for free in probably the most stressful period of their lives so I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe we can move back onto the topic at hand though? If this is true, it’s a weird omission from Sony. I had a quick look on Amazon and it looks like it would cost about twenty bucks, does that seem right? That’s an unpleasantly high amount for an unexpected purchase. I wonder how many people would even notice? For sure the folks who are updating their home theaters and panels would.

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Omg lol I wouldn’t be surprised

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