Playstation State of Play, Thursday(29/04)2pm PT, Ratchet of Clank extended look and updates on two upcoming indie titles

Native gameplay


Looking forward to this as im looking forward to Ratchet in June as it’s going to be yet another great game for me in 2021. Yay me!!! lol

I wonder what the two Indie games are. I would imagine Kena being one of them but they haven’t mentioned it so maybe not.

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I hope we see more gameplay eith maybe a dev telling us why this rachet is better then the last one.

Better combat and gameplay with new mechanics would be my guess. We already know that there’s a new character that we’ll be playing as with Rivet so im expecting Rift Apart to be better than 2016 Ratchet which I gave an 8.5/10 personally. What a great freaking game that took me four years to play. SMH. I won’t be making that mistake again.

I have a very high bar for buying games at full price. Games I buy full price have to be pushing the medium forward. When you have been gaming as long as I have most things have been done before. Anyway I wasn’t asking you about rift apart I was saying I want to hear some kind of voice over explaining things not yet shown in released footage, because so far its just the same rachet combat since the PS2 days and some set pieces, not a bad thing but Ive played games like that so much, its now kinda boring. I guess aside from admiring the pretty visuals theres not much to get excited about combat platformers. I crave games to be new, hopefully rift apart does this, for my personal taste anyway.


Its started

I have to say im impressed.

Even though im talking to myself :joy::joy:

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Rift Apart looks fucking insane GOOD GOD. It is a huge step up from 2016 with how emotive everything is.

Graphics look good, gameplay looks meh.

Hahaha. Just finished watching it and wow, game looks amazing and seems to play amazing. I wasn’t expecting it to be a game of the year contender for me but after watching what I just watched, it’s definitely going to be. While it was already a day one purchase and my June game, it’s even more so now after that State of Play.


Yeah, it looks really good. Getting through rifts is amazingly seemless. The amount of geometry it throws at the screen is pretty crazy. I was also paying attention to small details : destruction, reflections, particles effects, explosions. It’s all well done.

Now that looks fantastic.

First next gen game that’s properly impressed me. I loved how quick the player was transported through the rifts into entirely new environments. Graphics were gorgeous. Gameplay looked great, just like the last one on the PS4.

I’m sold. It wasn’t hard, because I really like Ratchet & Clank but I’m sold on Rift Apart. Definitely.



Gameplay is just more of the same for ratchet and clank, nothing that I feel like buying at full price.

Graphics look amazing though, but gameplay is king for me.

I see many great improvements across the board. Looks bonkers. I can see a lot stuff from Sunset Overdrive in fact. This game is gonna be good and probably scores high but also sells well.

Its how I feel playing through the ps4 game on the ps5. I hate the gameplay but everything else is superb.

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Yeah, Rift Apart has a ton of new stuff. Love the rifts aspect of being able to warp during enemy encounters or to other worlds. Yeah, im expecting a 90+ easily and a massive seller for PS5 throughout the year as new PS5 owners get the console.

It’s coming out at the perfect time because I can’t think of much competing with it until we get to September /October.

Ratchet and Clank looking crisp! one of my favorite PlayStation franchises of all time.