Playstation State of Play, Thursday(29/04)2pm PT, Ratchet of Clank extended look and updates on two upcoming indie titles

The environments are nice and packed with lots of stuff which makes it interesting.

And there appears to be lots of combat + activity variety e.g theres clank missiona and Ariel combat etc.

But if you’re not into platforming combat shooters its probably not for you.

For me its one of those games which you see it and want to play it but after like 5hrs of it the loop gets repetitive, but i may be wrong they could pace it well and change up the activities regularly.

Heres the native gameplay

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Ratchet is looking incredible :heart_eyes:

Ratchet looks straight up amazing. May just have to get a PS5 and hide it in the media closet or something



Yep not for me, at all.

But I can see the polish and the amazing environments, certainly a 90+ game.

Maybe I’m just really tired as well, my job is sucking my soul out these days, not really seeing much in good eyes lol.

Ratchet looks incredible. Probs one of the best studios in the world right now, thier efficiency is incredible as well

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Now THIS is good graphics! Looks phenomenal.

The game is not for me though, so no interest to play. However, I can’t wait for some current gen games to roll out on Xbox. Some day!


More like, hide the media closet in the PS5. lol

Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

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Yeah, agreed. There’s nothing major in June and I don’t see that changing whatsoever.

:musical_note: Someday we’re gonna rise up on that wind, you know

Someday we’re gonna dance with those lions

Someday we’re gonna break free from these chains

And keep on flyin’, yeah :musical_note:


Don’t be. Only reason I don’t have one is because it is a huge, ugly PoS. Games are amazing enough I might have to just “hide” one

It definitely is but all I care about are the exclusives that I will play on it. I’ll deal/accept it being fugly as long as I get amazing exclusives to play on it. I do wish they made it solid black as it would look so much better in my opinion.

I had a PS5 at launch, and the box is LARGE. Sold it at cost to my nephew, something for which he thanks me profusely every time I see him. I will probably get another this Summer when R&C comes out - it’s even more impressive than I expected to be honest. Not kidding about hiding the PS5 in the media closet either

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Yeah, the box is large because the console and form factor is large and I think it’s one of the ugliest consoles I have ever seen or owned but if Sony gives me amazing full exclusives, then im perfectly fine with it. I have a TV stand that’s “open” where you can see the front and back and yeah, it doesn’t exactly look great or go with the Series X and my LG CX but again, as long as the exclusives are amazing for me, I can accept and deal with the ugliness of the PS5. lol.

The graphics look real nice, but so do Pixar movies and similarly, it’s just not for me. I’m gonna sound like an old man here but as a young adult I was so immature, watching cartoons and anime wasn my jam, novels and all the games… but I just cannot watch cartoon movies or play kiddie games anymore, just not fun for me. Hard pass.

Admission: I never like Mario, Sonic and the like growing up either so maybe I’ve never like kiddie games

I’m more excited about Rachet and Clank than Horizon Zero Dawn 2. Finally hooked up my Ps5 but it just sits there cause I ain’t got nothing to play on it.

You have no heart, Sir :grin:.

Everyone has their own tastes and preference at the end of the day, so if Ratchet is not for you then it is not for you.

I actually bought a ps4 after watching this state of play. I always knew I wanted to get a ps5 in a year or 2. But I never owned a ps4 either n there’s 6-7 games on there I really want to play. Problem is when I eventually do buy a ps5 I would want to skip the ps4 games.

So I bought a 1tb ps4 slim with 3 controllers and 5 games I didn’t want for 200$ off Facebook marketplace. GameStop was offering 50% extra trade in credit on games and 20% extra on controllers. So I traded in 2 extra controllers and the games for almost 100$.

Once I beat all the games I want to play I’ll trade them in and sell the ps4 while I wait another year or 2 for more ps5 games I want to play.

Get the PS+ games, as that will give you a great idea of what is available for the system. Or is that only for PS5 owners? If it is, just peruse that list for the games