PlayStation 5 |OT| This SSD has no limits

Maybe Bend’s new live-service game? And yes Fairgame$ and maybe one other…

Hopefully if it’s something decent they’ll announce it in a September showcase with the Pro - I was dead set on buying one as I nearly always get both consoles eventually (so I can catch up with my non-Xbox friends and whatever PS games I like) but after yesterday’s showcase I’m not actually sure I need one.

Spider Man 2 is the only exclusive game that has any appeal to me as I loved the first one, but it’s got more set pieces (which I hated from the first bit) and if they’ve not solved the difficulty spikes I might not bother (some chase missions and the drone side bits required much more precise movement than their system really allowed for).

Ghost 2 I guess I’d be up for, although I got bored halfway through the first one…

Horizon, Last of Us and God of War haven’t ever appealed to me (despite watching my partner play them) and I’m pretty sure FF16 will reach Xbox eventually (and FF7R sent me to sleep - corridor-like missions, repetitive particularly in side missions and too much waffle - even as someone who loves deep story games - and apparently the sequel is more of the same).

Overall I think I’m more up for the hardware (wanting to play games at the best they can look outside of a major PC upgrade) than the games themselves - and as many of the games I’ll play are either on Game Pass (particularly after yesterday!), exclusive to Xbox for at least a while or cheaper on Xbox as I can use Reward points, I’m really struggling to justify it anymore…

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They better. A roadmap is needed. Wolverine is 2026, so my guess is the expansion standalone of Venom. So more is needed.

Also, feels like damage control because of Xbox Showcase. Realistically, it goes without saying.


Marvel’s Venom will probably be the Fall/Holiday 2025 game per the Insomniac hack/leak.

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So, I took advantage of that Netflix promotion and ordered a PS5 last week and it just arrived. I also got my Promo code for Netflix and adding it to my account was incredibly painless. I think the promotion is good till Wednesday for those who might be interested.

I’ll admit finally getting a PS5 on the eve of arguably Xbox’s biggest showcase amused me greatly, but this deal was too good to pass up for me. :smile:


Ooh! What’s the first game you’re going to play?

Also, did you have a PS4? PS5 was my first PS hardware since the PSP, so the PS3/4 backlog really overwhelmed me for a bit.:sweat_smile:

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I’ll probably end up playing something from PS+, maybe one of the Star Ocean games I haven’t gotten around to yet.

I do have a PS4 but it started making this high frequency whine that drives me crazy, so I haven’t touched it in 6 months. Also, going from the Series X to the PS4 is painful for loading times and just how sluggish everything is, so I haven’t really missed it.

I tend to buy everything console-wise, but I’ll admit I still have some PS3 games (and even PS One and 2!) in my backlog. :smile:

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So, I ended up playing Skyrim first on my new PS5… :smile:


Kidding! Enjoy it man! 100%


It’s a double betrayal.

@Shadowgasm buys a PlayStation 5 and then proceeds to play a Microsoft owned IP in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Man, something just ain’t right here. lmao :rofl:


I got my PS5 on Friday and haven’t even turned it on yet. :smile:



You can’t convince me that people like Horizon as much as PlayStation execs seem to.


My read on the situation is that Forbidden West took a lot of the wind out of the series’ sails. People were hoping for the big Mass Effect 2/Uncharted 2/Assassin’s Creed 2 moment and it just… wasn’t that.


Nah, it’s some forced shit. They pretend its a beloved franchise for some reason.


Don’t forget the critics. Aren’t the two games real media darlings?

Yet I’ve seen plenty folks from the stables dumping on the games.


Forbidden West was the Sony first party title that finally broke the veil of “PS first party magic” for me. The game is a stunning technical achievement in every way, but it is all production value and you dont play production value.

Im not saying their games are bad, but it is a Lamborghini body on a Chevy Malibu to me. It’s the high dollar glossy “good lord would you look at those production values” on top of run of the mill gameplay. A giant, static, open world filled with boring activities.

And most of Sony’s first party titles fall into the same category.

And to reiterate. I am not saying the games aren’t good, just that this aura of unimpeachable greatness their games have is more myth than reality. They aren’t doing anything mechanically that isn’t in a dozen other games.


Not a fan of this controller. It just feels weird in my hands and I don’t understand why the handles aren’t just round and instead have sharper angles. It’s like they took the dualshock 4, sanded the round edges off the handles and then slapped plastic onto the whole thing. It’s weird and feels like it was done more to look cool than to be functional.

Also, I’ve already had to charge it twice. This whole “stop playing so you can charge your controller for an hour or more” is already frustrating. I’ll just have to remember to plug it in when I’m finished playing. :smile:

I do like the stiffness of the sticks though. It makes it easier to make gradual movements.


Ah yes, you need two controllers and a charging stand. That’s a minimum requirement for PS5 lol.


I love Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West. Prefer the combat/gameplay in Zero Dawn as the hit detection just seemed off to me in Forbidden West but I prefer the story/characters in Forbidden West over Zero Dawn. Visually, both games look amazing with Forbidden West at times being “too much”.

As someone who’s never liked or cared about Killzone, Guerrilla Games can pump out Horizon games for the next 20 years for all I care as I will easily prefer that over Killzone any day of the week and twice on Sundays. lol

Regarding the Dual Sense, I love the size of the controller as it feels great due to it’s increased size and bulkiness. Will always hate the touch pad and yeah, the battery life is trash but since I play PlayStation 5 about 25% of the time, I simply play “wired” with the controller because I don’t want to have to charge it while playing. Rather deal with the inconvenience of wired over the annoyance of having to charge the controller at the very least once every day.

Yep, imo perception matters. if Ghosts of Toshima and Forbidden West were published by Ubi, I don’t think many people would care about them, good games but nothing to write about either. the only studios that truly deserve their awards is Naughty Dog, Insomniac, and Sony Santa Monica, everyone else is pretty meh.

I was browsing Sonys first-party studio list. and it looks very bleak outside a hand full of studios. this list below make up 13 of 20 PS owned studios - again PERCEPTION MATTERS!. this is NOT a world class group like the media and fans would want us to believe lol

Valkyrie Entertainment - Support

San Mateo Studio - Support

Nixxes Software - Support

Malaysia Studio - Support

Neon Koi - Mobile

Media Molecule - Indie/Niche/Small

Team Asobi - Indie/Niche/Small

Haven Studio - GaaS

Firewalk - GaaS

FireSprite - VR/? rumor of bad mgmt and dev hell

Bend - ? rumor is GaaS

San Diego Studio - MLB coal mines

Polyphony Digital - Grand Turismo coal mines