PlayStation 5 |OT| This SSD has no limits

Once Astro Bot releases in September, I don’t see Team Asobi being seen as an indie/niche/small studio anymore. They’ve clearly been upgraded from Astro’s Playroom to making a full fledged if not AAA, a high end AA third person adventure platformer which looks fucking awesome!!

Still pissed off that im not getting Days Gone 2 as I love the first game but still interested in seeing what they’re working on.

Outside of Team Asobi and Bend Studio, I agree with what you said but luckily for me, I don’t care about any of those studios so good or bad, doesn’t matter to me. Hehehe.

I need to revisit Days Gone, I played it for a bit and it didn’t really grab me.

The frankly insane pace that Insomniac releases polished, good games is carrying Sony’s first party reputation right now. With Naughty Dog stuck in a rut and so many other teams working on GAAS stuff that may not hit, it’s a precarious place to be.


Agreed. Coincidentally, Insomniac is also my favorite and best Sony studio. And if they manage to release Venom in Fall 2025 and Wolverine in Fall 2026, that would be a total of 5 games in 6 years excluding the Spider Man 2018 remaster. Absolutely insane consistency!!

It actually doesn’t look as bad as I thought it would.

But the digital edition is so friggin’ wobbly on the front left that I honestly don’t know how anyone signed off on that design. Can’t press the power button or use the USB ports without the whole thing crashing and sliding around!

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I’m guessing you didn’t spring for the $30 vertical stand? :smile:

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Astrobot previews out, sounds great. @Shpeshal_Nick will be pleased.


Astro and Silent Hill 2 will probably be the only things I play on my PS5 this year.

Is the Sponge Bob game available on the Essential tier of PlayStation Plus? I intend to play it

Yeah, I’m not handing Sony any money for blatant ripoffs like the stand or sidepanels. (Which are actually a really cool idea. Just not for those prices.)

Unfortunately (?) I can only put the console horizontally. So… lucky I don’t have any pets, I guess. Or kids.

Just have to remember to keep the windows closed so it doesn’t get blown over by a light breeze.


Maybe grab some heavy bookends? That would be an interesting look. :smile:


Oh damn, that was quick. Wasn’t expecting previews for Astro Bot this soon but this is great news. Thanks for the info Jesse.

Need to find something to prop up that left corner. But now that I’ve set it up, hopefully I won’t have to touch it too often anyway.

Looks absolutely phenomenal.


I see where NIS got the thought of “all platforms” from.


i dont see anything phenomenal in this footage. It looks good and probably will be a good game. Thats all.


Could you please point me to other current 3D platformers of this inventiveness and budget, without counting Super Mario games?



It does look like one kids will enjoy, bright and colourful and not too complex.

There’s a lack of those outside Nintendo so if marketed well it could be a good game for a more family-friendly PlayStation

Tone down the defensiveness and the hyperbole please, some of you need to get a grip on defending something you’ve never personally experienced.

People are allowed to have different opinions… heavens know we let the most boisterous, negative ones run rampant the last few months. Just because someone doesn’t agree about a game or perception of a platform, doesn’t give the peanut gallery the right to shut them down at every turn. That behavior will no longer be tolerated.