PlayStation 5 |OT| This SSD has no limits

Bait for what? Did you really think people wouldn’t draw comparisons? C’mon Mort, you’re not new here.

Maybe we need a PS Goes Third Party thread?

Is that what you were getting at? If so, I get it. :smile:

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“This post has been deleted”

What was it?

Oh man, here we go again.

It was a joke but I guess it triggered the cult.


That sucks.

Zhuge said that he didn’t understand why people were mad at Sony for releasing the Lego Horizon game on Switch when Nintendo gave PlayStation Splatoon earlier this year.

He then showed a picture of Foamstars. lol

So I just thought it was funny.


I could see Nintendo striking it as a gross misrepresentation of their Splatoon IP.


More of this to come. :sunglasses:


Like with Palworld, if they had any kind of legal lawsuit, they would have done it already.

I’m back :joy:


Wow. What made you buy the PlayStation 5 again?

We traded in my launch Xbox Series X. I’ve put some serious hours on that console. Probably better to sell it to GameStop for $357 (with a controller that also had serious miles on it) they had new PS5 slim on sale for $399.

Bought Spider-Man 2 … it’s great :+1: Looking forward to Astrobot in September. Contemplating buying Final Fantasy 16 but $70 seems too steep of a price.

I bought a new Series X during the holidays for $350 (actually $333 with Target Red Card), so the price GameStop gave me for my launch Series X was very generous :sunglasses:

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I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but I literally said this was happening months ago (even provided the video of Sony’s CEO explicitly stating their multiplatform approach was going to be aggressive). I got a lot of “this would never happen” and excuses/shifting goalposts, yet here we are. My batting record’s pretty good these days (I hope that works, I hate baseball, though I oddly do love The Show… and Super Baseball 2020).

For the record, I don’t mean that as a slight towards Sony at all, I think it’s the right move, as the industry is going through such limited growth and the bursted-bubble phase it’s currently suffering. If branching out releases and following the Xbox model means that all parties involved have less layoffs and studio closures, that is all that matters to me.


Baseball, you say?

  • Not on Xbox

That’s a pretty good deal. Swapping your launch Xbox Series X and $42 for a PlayStation 5. And since you have that second Xbox Series X, you can now go back to owning both consoles like before.

Spider Man 2 is an excellent game and I enjoyed it for the most part. Astro Bot is day one for me. It looks awesome!! Even the Lego Horizon game has my interest but I need to see more of the game and if it has any RPG elements in it. I would think that it does but don’t know for sure.

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Preordered Astro Bot, I love that little scamp :slightly_smiling_face:

As always I have zero interest in “horizon” sequels, so the Lego Horizon game does nothing for me. Like I always say, I enjoyed the first one but by the end of it I’ve had my fill of hunting mechanical dinosaurs.

One good thing about PlayStation is they sometimes have demos for games. I just downloaded FF7 part 2 demo and Final Fantasy 16 demo, my plan is still to wait for a sale on those but it’s kinda nice to be able to try them out and satiate the FOMO a bit. I’m thinking Final Fantasy 16 is a year old at this point so the price should start to drop sooner rather than later.

Speaking of Lego Horizon.

I’ve always found it annoying that PlayStation created a new IP and called it “Horizon”.

Xbox had a game called Forza Horizon. It’s not like Forza Horizon is some small IP either. Until Xbox went on an acquisition spree, Forza Horizon was arguably Xbox’s most popular game.

I only bring it up because with Lego Horizon. PlayStation has again muddied the “Horizon” name considering Xbox had their own Lego Horizon a few years ago.

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Since your primary is Xbox Series X, you’re better off waiting at least through the Tokyo Game Show to see if FF XVI gets announced for it.

I see Forza Horizon as different than Horizon Zero Dawn/Forbidden West name wise because one series starts with Horizon while the other starts with Forza. Don’t see this as well, anything to be honest.

Shinobi says Sony currently has multiple big games from first party teams scheduled for 2025

Fairgames probably, what else? Ghost 2? First they have to reveal it.

Wolverine is 2026 iirc.

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