PlayStation 5 |OT| This SSD has no limits

No the Nvidia Shield thing from the TV but yes on laptop he uses a web browser.

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Thanks, I might take a look at the Shield too.

I have looked into GeForce Now as well. Price isn’t bad $100 for 6 months at the highest level. This is one of a few options im looking at for next generation so 2 1/2+ years from now. Won’t decide anything until then but I have looked into this and other avenues as previously mentioned. :slight_smile:

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I gotta say, for someone that hated having their console connected to the network going with a streaming solution sounds like a big step haha.


Hahahaha. True.

It would be a massive step since I have never streamed a game before but we’re still a few years away from me deciding either way.


Was about to say… Now I’ve seen everything. :joy:


Word of mouth is really helping it this week.

2X the number it has on its launch weekend. Insane.

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This is amazing, people are loving the game despite tepid reviews and the last few major ips not moving the needle in the pc space. I wonder what Sonys move is next

82 on OC is not “tepid”. it’s a lot of fun, just not that content rich at the moment

It was mixed on steam, i think its up to mostly positive

Ah yea, launch day struggles

So today we learnt that no big Sony 1st party studio will release in the next 14 months, and I bet nobody will blink.

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Their next big games will be the last one for this gen. Then the studios will release their next game in the second half of ps6. This trend is not sustainable

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If Naughty Dog still go by their same development priorities, their next game could be a PS6 launch title honestly.

Yep, dont know what people are smoking but ND is not releasing 2 games in the next 4 years LOL

well maybe the two games was supposed to be Factions (:neutral_face:) and the we possibly now know Uncharted remake.

ND new IP is apparently gonna be some new ground from them, there will be new stuff for them to learn master, so it’s at least 6-7 years and it definitely didn’t start right after TLOU2.

In a comedy of South Park, I can already hear one saying “KILL THE WISE ONE!”

“So if you have strong first-party content” … why is Sonys CEO talking about Nintendo?


Spider Man 2 sold 10 millions units and Sony 1st represent 20% of all sales, this can be considered as strong

It’s about ROI, which is increasingly low for PlayStation as a division