PlayStation 5 |OT| This SSD has no limits

Betcha that 5 and 10 years from now this game will be getting the Days Gone/The Order 1886 treatment. “It was actually a great game but critics didn’t give it a chance. The IP has so much potential.”


For sure, hah.

Just saw some reviews, and my god the dialogue is so bad and pure cringe and not even good kind of cringe.

The world looks super bland. The voice acting and animation is very weird.

Looks like most of the budget went into the particle effects.

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Those games were never bad games just above average.

This game looks genuinely bad and you cant change the dialogy in 5 to 10 years. Maybe the performance

Also im wondering when or if thsi gsme comes to xbox will it be a drasticslly improved game or SE abandon it like they do with their flops.

I hope Sony paid a lot of money seeing as it’s exclusive on their console for 2 years.


Just watched the IGN review where he says that Forspoken would only satisfy the sort of non-demanding player who just wants to put on a podcast and grind away at 100%'ing a huge map. And well… that’s me. I’m that person. Guilty as charged. :laughing: I’ll for sure check this out on Xbox in 2 years, as long as it’s cheap.

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I played Days Gone and The Order 1886 day one and loved/liked both games respectively. Want a sequel to both. I don’t even want Forspoken let alone a sequel. lol

Gamepass is the only way that i would ever touch this game lol

By 2025 i’ll probably be knee deep into Fable reboot though so won’t even touch Forspoken.

This game is literally dead on Xbox console before it even come cause who the hell will play this 2 years later in 2025? when we will have Avowed, Fable, lol.

I won’t even care about FF16 if it came after Avowed is release for example. Square is destroying whatever fanbase they have left on Xbox just for some Sony money, ohh well.

The battery capacity of the new $200 DualSense Edge controller is 2/3rds that of the DualSense controller, 1050mAh vs 1560mAh.

The DualSense controller uses a 1,560mAh battery, while the DualSense Edge makes do with a 1,050mAh battery. Rather than an exercise in cost saving, it looks as though Sony had so many parts to cram inside the controller casing it simply couldn’t fit a larger battery alongside them.

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Wait it isn’t even that it is just less battery efficient, it’s actually a worse battery? Given the existing complaints over battery life that’s a pretty absurd concession in this more expensive iteration