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Now they can buy digital Cult paraphernalia!





This seems like a good deal if you’re in the UK:

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Is it me or SONY’s recent pc ports are performing really bad saleswise? I mean I dont think anyone is expecting them to be million sellers day 1 but there is no reason spiderman MM should be performing this middling:

It didnt even break the 20k barrier on a weekend!

I thought Returnal on PC would be a slam dunk but with its (highly likely) 60/70 price I’m having doubts.

I think Spider-Man MM might be looked at as DLC and fairly similar to Spider-Man which just released a while ago too, so not many want to bother with it, not now at least.

I think this is the problem with their PC releases in general.

The hype for any game occurs around it’s release date, delaying the PC version for a year harms it’s potential sales as by the time it’s released its ‘old news’. If they released it on multiple platforms that hype just grows exponentially.

The potential PC customer has to weigh up buying an ‘old game’ or a new game, however this is made worse by their pricing strategy for PC . They should be heavily discounting the game for being an older title but they are the same price as a new release such as Modern Warfare 2.

Also with games like Spider-Man MR, they are one and done type games, you can complete it in one day/weekend, they are fantastic but after that it’s just taking up hard drive space (your not going to be talking about it for months with friends/family).


I’m not a PC gamer, but I know how bad a taste you get in your mouth from paying full price for a late port. It’s like they finally deign to look at you and have the nerve to ask full price. I don’t have any figures, but I do wonder what they would look like,

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It’s not day one. Once Sony announces their games to be day one on PC, they’ll easily break 20k even at $70.

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Yeah it’s £40 in the UK, not quite full price but pretty expensive for a short half sequel. I’d imagine given the target audience has already waited 2 years for this one they are relatively happy to wait a little longer for the right price.

How it started…

How it’s going…

Wife got mad said PSVR2 was too expensive and that I wouldn’t use it (just like I don’t use the PS5) Obviously happy wife, happy life so I canceled it. :joy:




I would say

Smart wife, smarter life

She just saved you 550 bucks :wink:


How many PC players have already played them on console in the past as well?

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Yep there’s also that! Had Spider-Man released on PC when it originally released I would have likely got it on Steam (digital), instead I brought it physical on console and then resold it (to someone who would have potentially brought it directly from Sony - so they lost a sale).

Because I’m a cheap skate :joy: I typically wait for all PS games to go down in price and pick them up second hand on eBay/Facebook etc (and usually resell them for a profit). Therefore in a year’s time if/when Ragnarok comes to PC how much cheaper will it be to buy on console anyway (it’s almost a guarantee it will release full price again on Steam).

Just finished Ragnarok, great game same like the first one but just like Thor Raganarok…


It should be called Raganarok in the last hour and a half as nothing of it happens until the end ;v (which I also feel it felt very rushed)

GoWR Story spoiler

I also felt like the story of the first one is better than this. As I said, it feels like they rushed the final part of the story and weren’t able to tell everything they wanted to and went with the MORE AND BIG=EPIC! while the first one, although its story is on a smaller scale (you know, the world is not ending) it felt more epic.

One thing is certain, no GOW as reached the epicness GOW 3 brought to the table

Firesprite killed their MP game that was in development and are starting over with a different game and will be using UE5 as a base.

How big is this studio and why are they working on so many games?

200+, so spread kinda thin if they are all AAA.

Edit: looks like 265 as of late 2021, they acquired a smaller studio.


Looks like AC: Valhalla is leaving PlayStation Plus Extra on December 20th. I think that would be a 6 month entry on the service.

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