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I really got into Ubi with Far Cry 3, that game is a masterpiece with the best villain a video games ever seen. They’ve gone downhill quite a fair bit to me, but Far Cry and Assassins Creed still hit the spot occasionally like comfort food.

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Hell yeah FC3 was amazing!

It’s the same for me, I tend to dip in and out of them these days (still need to complete Valhalla). I feel they just need new management, the creativity and talent is still there IMO.

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Same here. I loved origins and odyssey was like a great 8.5, but I kinda bounced right off Valhalla.

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I’m hyped for Avatar, Ubisoft open world games are a guilty pleasure of mine.


Instead of going all the way back to FC3 like i just did, in terms of recency, Immortals: Fenyx Rising was very good!

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Same :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah man, Immortals is still in my queue from my birthday (still wrapped), is it really as good as they say?

A gem of the game, I hope it comes to PS + / Gamepass so more people can give it a try.

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Immortals is a fairly classic ubi style open world action adventure set within Greek mythology. The combat is great, but by far the greatest thing about it is the writing. The game doesn’t take itself to seriously, and is full of humor. And the comedy isn’t cringe at all, it is GENUINELY funny. Great game, 9/10.


Ah thanks, will definitely move it up on my backlog queue.

This definitely applies to me.

Agreed. Immortals was an excellent 9.0/10 game for me. Hoping the rumored sequel turns out to be a reality.

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NSFW warning

I thought this was really funny (due to recent events) :joy:

God of War: Right Back At Ya, Collector Edition:

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I mean i dont mean to be that person…but cant compare remaking the first TLOU in comparison to newer games

I guessing sony put 0 pressure on the reelease of this game and being a remake made it an easier project to oversee anyway.

Doesnt change the fact that tlou2 had crunch


Doing something for the 3rd time damn well better be easier and faster than the first time.


They are going to much with these remaster/remake 1 is enough but to be fair TLOU1 is truly a masterpiece though


Absolutely TLOU1 is in my all time top 10 easy.

I enjoyed TLOU2 also but IMO it just wasn’t in the same league.

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Agree play TLOU2 and the story did not hook me in like the 1st game wile gameplay and graphics was amazing But the story was a major letdown compare to the 1st game

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I don’t know why we need to dig deeper to be negative on this one. Naughty Dog and numerous other studios got called out for unhealthy work practices, there’s a lot of push around the industry to improve and this is a positive sign towards it from Naughty Dog. There is no definitive “crunch is over” that we’ll ever get from a studio, we’ll just hopefully hear something similar after their next project.


Think this is another benefit of the short announce to release cycle. Much less pressure to hit a date when the game hasn’t even been announced lol

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That only works if the game doesn’t get leaked. But I’ll reiterate the pressure of a date isn’t as big for a remake like this compared to a new game.

LEts wait and see after a new game they make one that requires a shit ton of time and harsher deadlines.

A lot of companies crunch its to what degree.