PlayStation 5 |OT| This SSD has no limits

Haha. True. If I was someone who waited months/years to play games, then both would be amazing but then I realize that even if I did that, it wouldn’t matter because once too much time passes, I would have already moved on. Either way, both are great for those who want to “catch up” with what they missed. For me, if it’s not on release, I honestly don’t care for either. It’s the day one releases from Microsoft’s first party that excites me and the possibility of getting third party games that I want to play day one. Like Requiem for example.

Okay. That makes sense. If you got a great deal then yeah, better to jump on it then to wait and pay extra.

I should have been clearer. What I would do is eliminate Gold completely but those who are subscribed to Gold would then get rolled into Game Pass Ultimate automatically which would increase the subscriber count.

I would keep Game Pass at $10. XCloud Streaming only at $5 a month and Ultimate from $15 to $20 because I would add all the DLC and expansions from first party and possibly third party games because majority of gamers don’t actually buy DLC and expansions. If a game sells 10m copies like AC Valhalla for example, I don’t think more than 20% buy the DLC and expansions. I think publishers would take a deal in exchange for having their DLC and expansions in Game Pass Ultimate day one.

Of course, online MP would be free so the price increase to Ultimate might seem like too much but if you get all the DLC and expansions for all the games that are in the service, that’s a huge bargain.

At least, this is what I would try to do if it was up to me.

In general, I believe that Microsoft eliminates Gold once they have COD fully exclusive to Xbox/PC because those who want to play COD would have to jump to Xbox and if online play is free, that would increase the people jumping and no bigger game (outside of GTA online) that could get people to jump ship quickly.

I actually like the DualSense but my God, I just cannot use it and be comfortable with it.

I don’t know what it is but it doesn’t feel right in my hands…

Maybe I’m so used to the Series X controller lol…God tier controller.


The perfect controller for me would be if they took the Series X controller and scaled it up to Duke size.

for me its the grips. the angle as I hold on my palms is just uncomfortable. also the edges between black plastic - white plastic. still its a great progress from the ps4 controller.

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Sony has fallen below the 100 billion market cap, getting close to the 2020 levels. I doubt we will see big acquisitions from Sony anytime some ( Thinkig 10 billion or more).

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I don’t think that market cap has anything to do with acquisitions though. It is more a question to what level Sony will be able to recover. Currently SIE is basically what keeps them that high in the first place.

Also I think within the next 30 days we should get a bunch of quarterly / fiscal year reports.

They have definitely made the right strides towards making it more ergonomic, but I personally can’t use a PS controller for very long without getting cramp (I don’t with the Xbox controller).

I do think it is something to do with the way you angle your hands with an symmetric analogue stick layout. The Switch controllers are asymmetric like Xbox and they don’t give me cramp either.

I just wish Xbox would add more features to the controller like a Gyro and Haptics.


Gyro is overrated for me. I hate it for switch. When BOTW forced you to use it for those puzzles.


I personally just feel it adds alot of options. For example as someone who use to love lightgun shooters it’s the closest thing we have these days for games like House of the Dead.

I think VR is also a light gun replacement. I miss light guns but VR makes me still hopeful that those style games will continue to live on.

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ngl thinking of buying the collector’s edition . I want that Mjolnir .

I wish I could get into VR, at the moment I just personally don’t enjoy it, it doesn’t seem very practical either.

We need some kind of wireless futuristic neuro headset that sends the video directly to our brain :brain:, that way we don’t need to strap screens to our eyes :eyes: :joy:

Well, my fall gets even more packed with God of War Ragnarok on November 9th. And Forspoken was delayed to January 24th.

Just need to know when Avatar is releasing and my 2022 will be set.

Youre actually excited for avatar game? Well ok. There has to be some people out there i guess.

Very classy from SSM for not choosing the 11/11 date.

Haha. Yeah, I am. Of course, Ubisoft is my favorite publisher and developer so im always interested in their games. They miss here and there for me but majority of the time, they hit. The main reason right now im interested in Avatar is because it’s thankfully, a current generation only game developed by Massive Entertainment and I can’t wait to see and explore the world of Avatar. Could always change but as of now, im looking forward to it. Expecting gameplay and December release date during their Ubisoft Forward showcase in September.

The 11/9 date has to do with Odin or something. I personally would have released on 11/11 and yes, that would be a shot at Microsoft because at the end of the day, it’s not Sony’s fault that Microsoft delayed Starfield. If anything, I wanted Sony to take that shot with the hope that maybe Microsoft would be more ruthless instead of always playing nice. But this is just my own personal opinion.

Yup . The number 9 is really significant in norse myth . 9 worlds , 9 rings , 9 branches , Odin hung himself for 9 days , a certain person took 9 steps before he died ( Not gonna say the name bcz I think its gonna happen in the game ) etc etc etc .

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I’m looking forward to Avatar too.

I know alot of people dislike Ubisoft but their games sell really well. As a very tired dad, sometimes a mind numbing single player experience is just the ticket :wink:.

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