PlayStation 5 |OT| This SSD has no limits

Yeah, Sony is probably going to update that.

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With the Sony Mid-year Sale going on, what have been some of your pickups? I’m grabbing SF5 and Transistor while they’re super cheap, I’ve already got these two on other platforms (PC and iOS, respectively) but just prefer playing on console.

Still a bit funny that the store still has PS4 listed as a platform on Deathloop’s Deluxe Edition…

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Remind me when the new ps subs come to Pc

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What I understand from the comments is that if you haven’t been using PS since PS4 or so this is indeed awesome stuff, if you’ve had PS4 and PS5 it’s not all that great right now.

I agree with this. If you missed out on the PS4 generation, then PS Plus is great but if you haven’t, then not so much.

So the value is only there if you’re looking to play PS Games mostly from 2013 through 2018? At least it seems like vast majority is old titles.


It’s absolutely a fantastic service if you’re new to the PS eco system. It’s not really a debate lol. It’s no Gamepass Ultimate but as a stand alone service, it’s great.


It’s almost like what GP was at some point

GP at birth was pretty mediocre tbh. It wasn’t until 2019 it started to take off.

But then again…MS didn’t have the library sony have to be able to do it.

Excluding day one games, I see PS Plus the same as Game Pass. If you didn’t own an Xbox One or PS4, both subscriptions are perfect since nearly every game is available. Both also have a lot of pre-PS4/XBO games as well with the only negative being that with PS3, you can’t download the games which is something that Sony should have solved already.

In all honesty, if it wasn’t for the fact that I already played and completed the Sony exclusives that I would want to play today if I didn’t, I would have signed up for the $15 month tier. I may sign up next summer if it’s dead like this summer has been for me just so I can replay Spider Man 2018 and Miles in anticipation of Spider Man 2.

Thats a lot of assumptions. Its just a lazy attempt period. Sony could offfer way more. Theyre backlog is vastly more deeper than ms. But they arent. Drop feeding and penny pinching. Its an insult to compare this to gamepass tbh. Couldnt even launch with a GT7 or something more recent.


Like it or not, they have almost 50m subscribers and are making a shit ton of money so why would they offer more when they don’t have to? Sony is making plenty of money off GT 7 and thus, no reason to offer that either. Sony should have included MLB The Show 22 since it’s on Game Pass but they didn’t so all I can say is if you’re not interested in what they offer, don’t subscribe. I don’t subscribe to either as both don’t have anything for me since all I care about is day one new releases. It is what it is.

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This is true.

If you completely ignore that gp xgs titles launch unto it day one. In other words, Ps plus right now, is very similar to how gamepass was when it first launched.

It had some good games, but if you played your Xbox regularly, it only had older titles. Great for someone new to the system, not the best for longer fans.

That all changed the moment they announced fp games day and date, of course. After that, it no longer became the sub for old games.

Right now, while Ps plus hasn’t announced that, the two subs are simply not comparable. One is still primarily for newer Ps fans, who haven’t played all of these old games, and the other is for anyone interested at all in the output of the 20+ studios Xbox has.

Remember that the 50m number is Ps plus. Not Ps now.

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I dont give two toss what they need to do. I can say its bad because of what it is.

Their classic library is fucking pathetic. Theres no 2 ways around that

So the only thing they did with rebranding is try to fool people into thinking theyre doing their own thing. Theyre not.

Its all smoke and mirrors. The same games existed before

Yeah of course ghey dont have to put GT7 there.

You can care about day 1 releases…im not someone who will pay 70 bucks for all sony day 1 releases. So its irrelevant to me.


I did say excluding day one games. Game Pass is better because of the day one releases but if that didn’t exist, they’re both equal because all you’re getting is already released games and those who really wanted to play them (like me) have already done so which decreases the value of both subscriptions.

As of now, I have zero interest in PS Plus. Even if Sony gets first party or third party games day one, they still have to be of interest to me. If not, my interest stays at zero. For Game Pass, it’s the same. I only subscribed for Halo Infinite campaign which even then was just a $10 monthly rental. Won’t subscribe again until A Plague Tale Requiem as there’s nothing else for me. The only true major advantage and positive are Microsoft’s exclusives that I can play for a $10 monthly rental day one.

I know. 47m for PS+ and 3m for PS Now. However, since PS Now is dead and they merged them into one, the total remains 50m. Not going by the total number of subscribers would be equivalent to only including Xbox Series X sales and ignoring Series S or vice versa. Bottom line, they have to be counted for what they are, not for what anyone wants them to be.

I agree with you but regardless, Sony isn’t going to change what they’re doing at least not for a few years anyway.

I don’t buy every Sony exclusive. I buy the exclusives that im interested in. Miles Morales, Ratchet, HFW and soon God of War Ragnarok. Rest have been of no interest to me. With that said, the games that im interested in, I buy day one.

Back to PS Plus, like I said above, unless there’s a day one game that I personally want to play and was going to buy anyway, the subscription service is just there and that’s it.

Tbh I’d argue there’s still a divide between them even if you remove the first party releasing on day one aspect.

I went through the entire list of PS Plus Premium games when it released, and when looking only at third party titles, it was just okay.

Compare this to gamepass where the service regularly gets games launching directly onto the service, such as Tunic, or Hades, and it’s still a pretty clear difference.

And I’m actually subbed to PS Plus Premium. I still don’t have a PS5 yet (not for lack of trying) but there are a lot of older first party titles that I didn’t get to play and am interested in trying out, such as Returnal or Miles.

This though, I just disagree with. The two numbers are simply not the same. It would be like including Xbox Live Gold numbers when talking about gamepass.

If you want to compare equivalent numbers, then compare the numbers of PS Plus Extra and Premium to Xbox Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate subs.


It’s a perfectly fine service for some people. It just doesn’t cater to us and that’s OK.

I don’t see it as a complement to my Game Pass subscription which I intend to keep going in perpetuity, more as a cheap way to catch up on stuff I missed when I eventually get a PS5 or borrow one. They aren’t trying to do the same thing as Game Pass and that’s fine with me because I already have that :smiley:


Game Pass has the advantage of day one games from third parties. I wouldn’t argue this. In general, Game Pass is better. For me, they’re both equal because neither have games right now that I have any interest in playing and thus subscribing.

Why would you subscribe to Premium if you don’t have a PS5 yet? Do you have a PS4?

The problem is that Gold is separate. PS Now is DEAD. That’s all there is to it. You can’t compare something of which that no longer exists. I look at PS Plus as 50m and GP at 25m+ excluding Gold since Microsoft doesn’t like spouting numbers where as Sony does.

Microsoft SHOULD roll Gold subscribers into Game Pass Ultimate (which in turn would eliminate Gold) in order to increase their subscriber count but as of now, they’re still separate.

No one can compare Extra/Premium to Game Pass/Ultimate because neither company gives out actual numbers. They simply combine them to make them look better than what they actually are.

In general, like I said earlier, Game Pass is better but if you subtract the day one releases, both are mediocre, at least to me. There’s a reason why I don’t subscribe to either. Because they’re not worth it. I would be paying money for nothing.

You only play games Day 1 so you having that opinion isn’t surprising lol