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AccountNGT is a fairly new leaker but they’ve been pretty on the mark so far and so I’d consider the Sly Cooper leaks credible.

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I’m hoping for a Jak & Daxter remake trilogy ala Ratchet 2016. Sadly, I don’t see it happening.

There was a live action trailer from last year that had a Sly Cooper easter egg in it. It had an image of Aloy as a Fall Guys character and months later they revealed that she would be in the game, so Sly Cooper is probably happening.

Funny enough though that same trailer also had a Crash Bandicoot easter egg in it too lol.

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Didn’t Nick leak Sly Cooper? Or am I miss remembering.

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Yeah, if true Nick was the first one who said so don’t let that guy steal his credit!


New Silent Hill game details leaked (Dusk Golem)

Looks cool. Not feeling especially interested in giving Sony money considering Ryan’s latest dumbass comments.

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Jeff Grubb just mentioned that has heard, NOT CONFIRMED, that bloober is remaking Silent Hill 2.

Wasnt the initial OG silent hill rumor that there are 2 SH games in dev. 1 is a remake and 1 is a reboot .

Its been so long and Ive been out of the loop, I cant remember. Ill take whatever I can get.

same .

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This would be weird if true. You would think they would remake the original Silent Hill and go from there.

I think Silent Hill 2 is the more beloved game.

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The shitty Western Silent Hill games from the 360 era will be masterpieces compared to the dreck Bloober will do with that game.

Someone used a monkey paw…

So its a pa5 exclusive or coming ot pc as well? Obviously theres 0 chance of xbox. Kidn of have to accept sony are going to monheyhat japanese games like crazy due to bethesda and AB aquisitions.

Downpour was decent. Better than 3 and 4. 4 was shit.

2 was great, but Silent Hill was once going for “unique for every installment” not replicate 2 in a new paint.

Ok… Guess estimate time

How many Thunder Jaws one can encounter in the game?

Maybe we can calculate worst and best case scenario of the game sales from the 13 thunder Jaws that get killed :thinking:

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That classic game selection is pretty mediocre.

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