PlayStation 5 |OT| This SSD has no limits

I mean…as someone who used it for PC. Even the base 8 bucks is a fucking rip off. For many years it was 720p with poor lag issues. I hear they bumped it up to 1080p in recent years

The only benefit is if they improve their tech and maybe allow games like Returnal and Spiderman to be played.

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That won’t happen often maybe a few times a year

I think this service HAS to deliver in the BC front.

But even their BC…can we buy them separately? If not then this whole thing can piss off.

just finished the last of us 2. i loved it. tell you the truth i love all their games. but they are always one and dones for me. weird thing is. their games are perfect for gamepass.


Is that what you want though? There is a scenario where someone purchased a PS2 disc (PS2 era), the same game as a PS2 digital game (PS3 era), the same PS2 game again (PS4 era), and now the same game yet again (PS5 era)

Fuck that

I loved everything in TLOUP2 except for the story/characters which I didn’t like at all. Everything else in the game is top tier.

I hated all the forced walking BS in Naughty dogs games. Taking any control away from the player is just bad game design.

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Spiderman boss fights were filled with stuff like that. Not fun at all lol


i am the opposite… i loved the story and characters lol. the combat/gameplay got alot better for me towards the ending. either way i loved it. i do hope xbox build/use a studio that can put out these type of games.

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Fair enough. I agree with the Xbox part.

Technically they already are, Ninja Theory’s Hellblade was excellent and only made by 20 people. They now have over 120 employees and I expect Hellblade 2 to be on Naughty Dog level IMO.

Compulsion Games are allegedly making this style of game as are The Initiative. Indiana Jones by Machine Games will very likely be in this style too.

The one studio I wish they would pick up is Asobo, A Plague Tale was absolutely brilliant and easily up there with The Last of Us for me. Crystal Dynamics and the Tomb Raider IP would be awesome.


i do not like the the new ps5 controller at all. it somehow feels too big for my hands and i have lanky long fingers. xbox needs to do the motion and haptics. not a fan of the triggers(only game so far that used it was astro) controller feels like its gonna explode when playing astro. dpad stinks. xbox needs to get the haptics, and motion and i think they will be ok.

Xbox controller is still better. I don’t see the need for Xbox to change a thing. Once you add something then you need to keep that feature forever to maintain backwards compatibility. The touch pad on the PS4 was basically a failure since it was rarely utilized and yet they needed to keep it for the PS5 to maintain compatibility.

they just need to do the haptics and motion. xbox controller feels so much better in my hands. asymmetrical 4 life

Fuck what? You dont have to buy it. But would be nice to own something like a Valkyrie Profile and not pay monthly for a service ill barely use

Haptics theyll probably add. Motion. Nah.

No worries I won’t be buying any classic games that I already own the rights to from the PS3 era. My digital catalogue is trapped. I think PS5 will be like Nintendo Switch. Nintendo realized that gamers were getting annoyed buying NES games every new generation so Nintendo stopped selling the games and made it part of their subscription service. That is the model I expect PlayStation to embrace. The alternative is to face criticism from trying to sell a game to people like me that already feel like I own it.

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I mean nintendo are doing much worse things. Like half assed emulation with half assed library. Yeah we get it…everyone has played ocarina of time and mario 64. Why dont you put more unique forgotten n64 games on there?

Im just saying it would be nice to buy and own individual games from the ps2 and psp era.

Nintendo and PlayStation are a distinction without a difference at this point.

Again, Nintendo realized that they couldn’t sell people the same NES games during the Switch generation. Not after we all just supported them during those tough Wii U years and paid their dumb upgrade fees to transfer them over. Selling Nintendo die hards NES games yet again would’ve been a bridge too far.

PlayStation was paying attention. They know they are on thin ice with those of us that have huge digital collections of PS1, PS2, PSP collections. Nintendo came up with the novel solution of making those retro games part of a subscription service.

If Sony attempts to sell me a freaking PS2 game for the fourth time I god damn riot.

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Depends on the game. I get your point. I didn’t mention Nintendo. Because that would be stupid. Sony at least let you play your games on PS3/PSP and Vita through 1 purchase. Nintendo didn’t do any of that shit.

But if they add newer games then it would be a shame if they didn’t add the option. No reason why they can’t give people the option to download games they’ve already purchased through proof of purchase.

I don’t know how far this account is credible, but Sly Cooper is my most favorite franchise from Playstation, I’ll be happy with new installment : )

Finished Sly 2&3& Thieves in Time, my main issue was the campaign progression is repetitive on each game, so I would like to see some adjustments here, otherwise I believe Playstation Studios will do their best on the game.