PlayStation 5 |OT| This SSD has no limits

My thoughts: Demon’s Souls is out of this world in comparison to anything I’ve seen yet for next-generation, outside of Ratchet and Clank And it is a launch title. Anyone who is worried about the PS5 not keeping up from a graphics standpoint should stop. Whatever system Sony has to simulate 4K60fps with all graphic options is incredibly solid. There is simply zero chance the video is native 4K, and I look forward to DF’s take. Sony has two incredible showpieces for the system out of the gate. Games will not be an issue for Sony at all, and the machine is going to be impossible to get for months on end - just like the PS4

And the SSD is no joke. Demon’s Souls was loading a new area in less than a second, which some may have missed. Basically instantaneous. Between that and R&C I am a believer in the PS5 SSD

The hardware is just plain ugly, and it’s the largest out there. I have no doubt that it’s going to be quiet at that size, though I am very interested to see some kind of teardown. From an aesthetic standpoint this would have to go in the theater room equipment closet - I dislike it that much. And I’m interested to see if Sony has some kind of RRoD situation to deal with from the launch

Lack of UI is a huge red flag to me

Preorder situation makes me terrified for next Tuesday with MS, and this morning with Nvidia , . With no notice, hungry PS5 gamers crashed Best Buy TWICE last night, and sold out in minutes everywhere. I personally used Wario’s link to reserve the system from Amazon before the official page went up - unsure if I will keep it yet. What is going to happen when the whole world knows when MS will be available at a certain time? At this point I doubt very much I will be able to get a Series X. Hopefully demand is significantly less

And the Nvidia card I wanted? I’ll tell you in a few hours - UPDATE - yeah, right …

Not sure if I’m going to keep the PS5 though - I cannot get over how terrible it looks, and my wife (graphic designer) agrees with me. She thinks I should sell it for a modest profit given the hysteria on eBay. I have a few weeks to think about it.

Sony’s lack of communication is becoming an issue

Really worrying…


I’m old. I started gaming then programming on Apple IIc/Amiga/DOS. So I love Modern Vintage Gamer channel. Even he is concern about PS5. This launch is crazy.


Anyone seen the Spider-Man remastered footage today?

Heard a bit of fuss about remodelled characters but everyone said it looked amazing…I watched this…ol it’s 60FPS and buttery smooth…but there is a fair few noticeable LODs and pop in and low quality shadow flickering…to me that doesn’t look amazing…am I being harsh? No interest in console war nonsense so why I’m not creating a new thread. I just feel if this was Xbox people would be blowing these issues up on social media…

The Pop In was obvious but oh my 60fps was nice. Tbh though, looks like the PS4 game. I’ll buy it as someone who never had a PS4 but not really looking worth it for those who played the original unless they really wanna play 60fps.


I just saw it and came here to see if it was being discussed actually. It looks super rough imho. It does look like a cleaner, smoother PS4 game and there is a lot of details missing in the PS5 version somehow (traffic is drastically reduced).

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And the thing is it’s fine for what it is, but it shows the double standards. If that was on Xbox it would be being memed to death and the pop in and terrible shadow flicker being giffed to death.

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GT7 looks almost verbatim identical to GT Sport on PS4 too. If I were playing these games on X1X would I be satisfied with visuals? Definitely. Would I be blown away? Definitely not. I thought Demons Souls looked great wrt art and tech graphics, but also came away from that just feeling really underwhelmed with how not next gen it looked to me. R&C is the most next gen PS5 game I’ve seen and I’m not talking about the rift stuff, I mean the graphics on their own. Looks straight up Pixar quality CG.

I think on the 4th there will be some hands on stuff from Japanese content creators iirc.


Destruction AllStars PS5 Launch Title to Run at 60 FPS Dynamic 4K Resolution

Where are the true 4K60 games Sony?

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It’s reflection-mania.

I wonder if the PS5 equivalent of quick resume will be able to cycle as many games?

Xbox series X has 198gb reserved for the OS and quick resume, I wonder if sony will be prepared to use as much SSD space considering they only have 825gb?

One of the previews videos that will goes live on October 4.

Of course no tech talk or the guy is not a techie, just a famous YouTuber. Prepare yourselves to hear “Sugoi” countless times lol

They will talk about UI and feeling I guess




What did I say lol


I just made that based on your post :slight_smile: Thanks for the idea.

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You’re welcome! Lol. I won’t be surprised if I hear at least 3 times this word.

that console looks so cheap, just like the Xbox One OG using glossy black plastic

Designer shares “grief” upon seeing recent reveal; Ember Lab says claims include “false accusations”

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