PlayStation 5 |OT| This SSD has no limits

I’ve had Carl’s Jr. burgers. Her hands must be very small.

Selling a dream is always better than reality lol

That looks great and love the entire look and world. Is this a game Sucker Punch is working on or a cancelled game from their past?

Maybe both. They might rereveal it in due form and in a more advanced state.

I disagree, great products sell themselves and dont disappoint, like iphones, teslas etc

I mean for Sony not as a fact

Agreed. I pay extra for quality, including my Tesla and iPhone. Both companies have been hugely successful working with that exact philosophy.

I made a thread ready for the Official PS5 livestream show with the youtube link inside. Feel free to grab pop corns and meme as you wish. Let’s have fun!

Banner & profile pic changed. What’s in both?

Honestly who here is getting the PS5 at launch? Was on the fence, the All access program makes it easier to drop money for a PS5 if I can get the XSX on a payment plan.

Not me. Lol. PS5 pro later if the console is reliable.

On the fence atm. A bit wary of the high clockspeeds and the crazy fan noise of my launch Ps4 Pro. Will have one eventually though.

On the fence, personally. Today will tell a lot

Not me. Spring 2021. Will have around $400 left in trade in credit at GameStop and will need to get to the full amount of the Disc Edition so I can avoid paying sales tax. I will accomplish this by trading in some disc based Xbox Series X games once I complete them.

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Looks like I still have to wait.

I’ve reached the fuck it point, but I’m cancelling my pre order if the PS4 back compat is gimped.

In my opinion that isn’t a good sign at all that this wasn’t addressed at all today right before they open up pre-orders. I will likely get a PS5 disc edition when it is cheaper in a couple years in a bundle or something to play some select exclusives, but Sony’s lies and tricks with things such as throwing shade on Xbox for months about cross gen holding back next gen games and such before they do what they did today has me in no hurry to give them any money.

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Jim Ryan comfirmed 99% of PS4 games are backwards compatible. Wonder what the 1% is, or if it’s just a disclaimer

Alright, Let us breakdown what today told us and what we can extrapolate from the messaging.

First cab off the rank. Price -. Lower than I expected for digital but a very attractive price none the less. The stock for digital being lower them the standard raises eyebrows of using scarcity to push people who missed out to lay down the extra $100.

Games -. Generally what I expect from Sony. Highly polished sections that dazzle in looks and gameplay. Using first party to push and having third party grab the attention in the time between. The price increase to first party titles shows one step in how they will make back the money lost per console. The royalty cut of 30% on a $ 59.95 game is $ 17.98 while the cut for a $69.95 game is $20.98. $3 per game for all first party AAA releases adds up over time.

Console -. Still didn’t show the box in someone’s hands. This is the biggest red flag to me. I work daily on prototype hardware and casing designs. We don’t lock down anything in manufacturing until we have the gear in our hands and we can verify that it operates as described. While I am not a conspiracy guy, something about all of this doesn’t pass the sniff test. As some twitter posts said, " Maybe they down clocked the console to fixed spec when things didn’t work" I am not on board with this idea.

After conference posts -. All the posts coming out after just shows that the plan to cover console loss was to keep the game royalties high. Keep releasing the games across PS4 so they have a bigger addressable market. It is a smart move and keeps new game sales available to the near 120 million plus PS4 owners. I feel bad for the fans who didn’t want or believe this. It does show that the confidence in marketing message over the last year is about targeting fars and creating hype. It may have backfired but I think it will take time to see if it has any lasting impact.

The pre- order situation is a complete cluster fuck and those Sony fans who can’t get a console due to waiting and trusting Sony’s word have every right to be pissed off.

Final thought is that the games looked great but until a third party (who is not Geoff Keighley) goes hands on with the console, I remain skeptical about 99% of PS4 games running in BC. I think the hardware solution can do it with ease but I want to see it.

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