PlayStation 5 |OT| This SSD has no limits

If it’s a chapter by chapter basis, then I may be okay but if it’s the entire game itself, there’s just no way. Returnal is still on my list as I do love Housemarque but I would have preferred to see them stay with their twin stick shooters.

I want DINO Nation damn it!!!

Does anyone know if Dolby Vision been confirmed for PlayStation 5? Thanks.

They sold 5 million as the highest selling VR headsets. They have sold 110 million or more PS4’s. They have less than a 5% attach rate. Not a failure but definitely not a roaring success.

Same for me if I buy a PS5 Pro it is only for full exclusives not timed ones. All the rest on my XSX. And later if I upgrade on PC

Kena, which unfortunately got delayed, will launch on both PS5 and Epic store at the same time.

Has it been confirmed if PS4 BC titles will benefit from the ssd + io of the PS5? Will PS4 games have faster loading times?

They will do because the games will just use the raw I/O speed of the SSD exactly the same if you put an SSD in the PS4 now.

I wonder of ot will come to gamepass after the exclusivity is over.

I hope it does. Xbox has had a much bigger and better relationship with indies, it’s just PS5 has started doing the same this generation, that’s why they even created a separate division in the vein of ID@Xbox dedicated for indies recently, headed by Yoshida. I expect both Kena and Fall Guys once their timed exclusivity is over, although I still feel the latter is more probable.

Wow, 2 hours since the second PS5 showcase announced, and over 1M views on Twitter! People are thirsty, and I am too since the FF guys at Square re-tweeted the event. It looks like we finally get to see FFXVI next week? Since I’m getting a 3080 I’m firmly on the fence, and this event will decide things one way or another for me. PS5 or Series X? I just want to see the UI, and gameplay of Sony’s exclusives.

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They tend to have an indie focus at the start of the gen, when there AAAs are not ready.

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If you’re getting a 3080, I would get a PS5, xbox games also coming to PC, unless xbox BC is important to you.

Why it is always so blurry!? We are in 2020 damn it. Don’t believe it is the true UI. The blurryness helps for faking stuff. Can be wrong but doubt it

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If you were always gonna get a PS5, just stfu and get your freaking PS5. What’s the point of “discussing” it with people of clearly different interests? To get some reactions?

Great video here. Lots of backstory and little details

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For those of you who didn’t know, there was a leak about a game project from Sucker Punch. Please take a look…

Looks neat, not seeing much next gen here though.

New ad dropped, nice production values but vague sony is back.

What did I say before? Lol

Make believe…

Always exagerating and faking stuff with imaginary fluff, was it for a movie it a gaming console?

Trying to make you imagine what you could have but not showing you what you really gonna have. Psychologic tactic, it’s far more exciting to bring the imagination, anybody can dream of stuff. But what is really here? We don’t care just dream. Make believe mantra back in full force

Its seems to be more a style of marketing that is trying to sell you on the dream of what next gen can be. It certainly will help create awareness but it is creating a kind of false excitement. A more style over substance approach.

Kind of like this