Phil Spencer responds to rumors of Playstation creating a Game Pass like service, saying he thinks it’s the “right answer” and an “inevitability"

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If this service is just bundling Plus and Now I hope Sony doesn’t hype it up because it might draw some bad comparisons


Something tells me this is going to hit a brick wall hard if it doesn’t have anything that made Game Pass appealing.

Good, he understands this piece which is key.

“they’re just based on us going first, not that we’ve created something that no one else can go create”

It means he realizes they need to keep pushing, innovate more, and deliver better content in order to hold their first mover advantage. Awesome stuff!


More competition means Xbox cannot rest on their laurels, meaning more games


I appreciate that Phil always takes a pragmatic approach to both market trends and Microsoft’s place within it. Executives that clasp onto their preconceived notions or hold to an inflexible identity they’ve built around their company are generally incapable of evolving. I wish more company’s had leaders like Phil.


The funny thing is if the rumor is true about the content which is basically Plus and Now combined, it will be an easy race for them. They will still push the boundary while PS will probably continue to play normal as usual like right now. Honestly, I don’t have much hope on what PS is going to do soon. The fact they had PS Now for a while and did nothing until they saw Game Pass going above and beyond is laughable. That mean they had no hope on their own creation until it was trending. This is the same company that follows a trend like PS Move, Mobile, and so on.

Basically, I will wait until I see result from couple of months.

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PS fans are of all sudden starting to care to play old ass games on modern machine even thought they already know that the likelyhood of them being native on PS5 is slim to none. At this point Sony could charge 15 dollars/month and not many would complain.


Is this from a podcast unlocked interview that I missed?

No its just a quote

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Unless Sony does day one releases for first party titles, which there is currently zero indication they will, it will never be a true competitor, at least from a service quality standpoint. Im sure they will do big business with it regardless.

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That is true, the rumor only spoke of Plus and Now, no mention of third party games whether big or small, or at all. And more importantly, no exclusives day one.

The unrealistic expectations some people online have built up for the NSO style classic games is going to be another eye opener. The number of people expecting them to just have a full library of PS1, PS2, and PS3 games is wild. When the reality is that licensing is going to be a nightmare for them just like it is for MS and Nintendo.

Without Sony’s first party games being day one or getting third party games day one, their subscription service will be dead on arrival for me until if/when they start adding day one games that I actually want to play.

In general, merging with PS+ will be huge for Sony because they will be able to brag about having over 50m subscribers. Since Game Pass would be in the 20m range and Microsoft doesn’t mention how many Gold paid subscribers there are, most people will see the Sony subscription service as better because it has higher numbers and is worth having.

If Sony does that, Microsoft is really going to have to start putting out numbers because optics wise, people who aren’t on forums, twitter, etc. will simply see Sony’s service as being better despite the fact that it most likely won’t be.



He understands it’s always a potential danger. And I’m certain he’s aware of Sony’s position in this industry and that they can get things easier.

Had not thought of that yet myself, hmmm. It’s definitely a Sony thing to do that yeah.

Yes, Sony doesn’t have to match GP to “win” in the eye of media, fanbois and the casuals who only sees that.




That’s the thing I don’t like yet it is “business.” Their ego has no bound, so I can see this happening. All I care is if they can actually deliver it to us consumer. I have doubts based on their track record.

I really hope the codename is a prophecy :woman_teacher:

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