XboxEra Community Hangout |OT6| New Year, Same Three Topics

Sheesh, doesn’t happen often that I start watching a movie and halfway through I throw that shit off. I did that a few years ago when I was watching Transformers The last Knight in the cinema, I walked out. And today I just stopped watching with Eternals.

I actually dozed off a few times. Didn’t care one bit for these characters and story, just one big of MEH. Along with Captain Marvel absolutely MCU’S worst.

Funny thing about Aniplex there is that a good chunk of that is Switch games because they published Tsukihime on Switch (where it of course sold better, and that shocked longtime PS fans) and some other Fate game that I think was outright Switch exclusive. Really shows how disconnected Playstation is from other Sony branches.

A lot of that for Atlus is SMT V I’m pretty sure.

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Project Dragon studio :eyes:


I did that with Dolittle a while back, gave up after 20 minutes and I don’t usually do that. Awful dross.

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That’s the newesst one? Was it with Eddie?

Ooooh wait, the one with Robert Downey Jr. Yes, terrible, haha.

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It is unnaceptable that Bethesda hasnt fixed the menu bug ever since Skyrim Anniversary edition dropped

I launch the game and I literally get stuck in the main menu because its unresponsive. Ive rebooted the game 2 times And I still get stuck in the menu and cant load the game.

Word to @Staffy

Not quite surprising with The Man himself ‘praising’ it on public. For all we know him and Greenberg/Sarah were laughing after reading the details of the ‘new’ service on media.

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Now Skyrim crashed again sigh.

Yeah it’s ridiculous. I don’t get how they fucked up so badly. I made threads on Reddit about hoping to get their attention faster and also sent them a ticket. At least I didn’t get a robot response, but how in god’s name is this taking so long to fix?

Also, folks that purchased the AE upgrade say they don’t have this.

There are two things to be able to play…

As soon as the main menu comes on and everything has loaded, you see the logo slowly spinning, spam A button like a madman to at least be able to continue your game, anything else on the main menu is impossible.

Or go offline with the Xbox, start game, continue or load game and then you can go back online. The main menu when you are online is where it totally goes to shit.

So if you want to access the mods menu or creation club, nope!

It’s Bethesda. The Skyrim Switch port had the same bugs as the 360/PS3 version.

Finally my mail from holiday shopping arrived. Canada Post is sloooow right now with Covid stuff (understandable!)

Open it up…

Now what could these be :thinking:



And now here they are among my Switch collection. Going strong since 2017 (Mario Odyssey box had an unfortunate accident though…)!

Now, I think I’ll start with Sakuna first… This game made people’s GOTY lists in 2020. Heard incredible things!


some of you need a vacation :confused_wat:

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That’s honestly just unbelievable and should not even be allowed, wtf man. So potentially some Switch players had the bug with the final fight where the dragon just doesn’t land? I had that on 360.

Seriously, this is one thing I truly hope to see them improve in. They are now a Xbox studio, not that it was any excuse to have this when they were under Zenimax but I hope Xbox makes sure this kind of stuff just doesn’t happen.

This with Skyrim…let that be the last time please, it’s almost like what…a month since the last update that totally fucked it up and we’ve no idea when it actually becomes playable again. Sigh.

It still irks me how many games last gen came out and had so many false promises.

Ubisoft straight up lied with their marketing material for Watch Dogs and The Division. No Man’s Sky was full of lies, Fallout 76 was a buggy mess, Cyberpunk was a buggy mess, Star Wars Battlefront II was full of micro-transactions, Shenmue 3 was straight up trash, MGSV didn’t have a proper ending, both Far Cry Primal and New Dawn were trash, Battlefield V, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, Halo MCC straight up broken at launch, GTA trilogy is one of the worst things my eyes have ever seen, Mass Effect Andromeda, Anthem, The Order 1886, Back 4 Blood, Balan Wonderworld, Battlefield 2042, Biomutant, Destruction AllStars, Diablo 2 resurrected, Warcraft 3 reforged, Destiny 1 launch, Final Fantasy 15, Dead Rising 4.

What happened last gen? So many anticipated games were just straight up cash grab trash.

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Never made it to launch

Shenmue was just Shenmue lol


Made in 18 months by the multiplayer team of ME3 while main bioware wasted time on Anthem.

Making games is hard man but some of these like the Battlefield ones is just dice straight up having 0 leadership.

Red Dead 2 wins

Best Game Narrative

Best Male Voice Actor

Best Audio Design

Best Musical Score

But doesn’t win game of the year……


@Staffy do you have the bug where you load into Skyrim and move really slow like you are carrying too much stuff? Doesnt go away for me unless you go into the menus.

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I have this bug. I need to go to my Inventory everytime I load the game. Really strange.

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