Phil Spencer responds to rumors of Playstation creating a Game Pass like service, saying he thinks it’s the “right answer” and an “inevitability"

This is absolutely true, competition is good!

I mean Xbox went and acquired several big studios, built The Initiative because they realized they needed to do better, especially compared to their competitors. It should have happened waaaaay sooner, but better late than never.

If Sony turns out to be a threat for Game Pass , as in having big and better AAA day one or soon after release we should see Xbox making moves. I mean sure Sony undoubtedly has money to spend…but Xbox has MONEY to spend.

Even if it’s not always a money matter as Booty said, until it is.

I hope is not a bad attempt like we are expecting (Plus+Now+maybe anime and/or paid bc), because it wouldn’t push MS to do better, I have the feeling GP growth is stalling.


Competition is good no matter what it is, and there’s 0 evidence Game Pass is stalling.

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No to what? XD

All of the above lol

He aint wrong, can only speak for myself but any game nowadays that isnt included in a subscription is pretty much non existent for me until it is

First it was music, then it was movies and no reason games will be any different


Now and then I still buy a game. Like Elden Ring and DL2 next month. I’m not completely sure yet because of my backlog though.

Weren’t reports about H1 2021 slowing the growth, which resumed in H2 with the great 1st party releases?

Oh dont get me wrong, im not saying im the majority but I feel the longer game pass becomes a thing, alongside whatever spartacus is, these subs will become more and more mainstream

MS havnt even really started launching the big guns on it yet outside of Forza and Halo, at least on a steady basis, when people get more and more accustomed to getting their big first party games constantly throughout the year on their cheap sub, I feel more and more people will gradually move to the “its not on my sub, ehh i’ll just wait” mentality


He is exactly right on the part Game Pass isn’t some crazy genius idea no one else can copy, the reason why Game Pass is so big is because they were the first ones to do day 1 titles.

Sony will can create the same thing, so Microsoft can fall asleep at the wheel. I want there to be competition because just look at what that got us, bloody Bethesda and if Microsoft sees Xbox/Game Pass under threat don’t be shocked if you see something crazy.

Right now Game Pass has the lead because they were first of their kind but just look at how Disney came in with a bang.

3rd parties a rubbing their hands together right now with a big grin

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Big Phil knows what Jim “Dance Moves” Ryan is going to do before Jim even thinks of it. Calculated, predicted, accounted for. Project Spartakiss the ring.


And Sony doing this will work because even my friend believes it despite the fact that I constantly explain to him that it’s not better than Game Pass for several reasons but also that it’s just PS+ that allows them to brag about the numbers despite the fact that there’s really nothing to brag about and he’s on twitter, forums, etc. so if he believes it or wants to believe that it’s better, casuals will believe the same.

For the record, for me personally, any subscription service that does NOT give me day one games/dlc/expansions is completely worthless to me. I’m way more more excited for Game Pass and the upcoming Ubisoft+ because of this. No day one games, etc. equals no thanks from me.


I think what’s going to suck about Spartacus if the merge is forced, is the fact that the people on plus for the cloud saves could end up paying more for it if comes with a price hike.

All this Means only One thing: XBOX have to buy more and more studios or some Publishers.


Yes, this is my experience as well with people around me. PS has the mindshare here, they are always present and it is just assumed this is a GP killer. It doesn’t have to actually be that, they don’t care to find out and the media fuels that notion with almost zero critical reporting and/or fanboing.


Spartacus will be a Game Pass killer as much as Killzone was a Halo killer. :rofl:

Spartacus will be worth it though for the complete and sudden U turns for the subscription services from the press and the PS fanboys, now subs will be “a great value” and “the future” just as cross-gen became “good for the consumer” and “a logical thing to do when you have so many last gen consoles out there” after Sony decided to do it too. :phil_lmao:


I LOVE the fact that Phil Spencer came out with these comments. It shows that he is willing to put a little pressure on them with the comments about fully expecting that they will put releases on their day one, and most importantly shows that they are well aware of the competition going forward and hopefully planning to be aggressive.


In short, Phil is ready for a war.


Even with no exclusives, their Plus games often are quite decent, right? Definitely a great deal better than GwG, so with Now combined it could be a nice deal and maybe there’s more. I won’t care either way because it will be a while before I get a PS5, let alone be able to get one I’m sure, lmao.