Persona 3 Portable, 4 Golden, and 5 Royale Coming to Xbox Consoles, Cloud, and PC

Lol yeah i did mention this in another topic with sh2/atlus topic. Game is long.

And thats vanilla which has some poor pacing makes the game a huge grind towards the end i hear

Royal while a bit longer has more content better refined dungeons and new area that expands social links and makes them easier to max out during a playthrough even though you probably wont.

Ive mentioned before but its a commitment

One that i will stick to during q4

Im kind of ok starfield being delayed. I have no other games that i absolutely must play later this year outside of a few short indies.

When this game hits 21st october…it will take up 95% of my gaming time through to december. The other 5 percent ill be checking out games like pentiment and few others.

I had plans to buy a ps5 for GoW but im gonna delay that especially since getting a ps5 is a pain anyway. Ill wait until next year.

And yes. Im planning on a 1000/1000 on Royal. Will be my only 2nd jrpg to get 1000 since Last Remnant.



For real though, now that I think of it, length and lack of feeling of progress is probably why I stopped playing P4 after a while on PS2. But I’ll still try my hardest with P5, and yep it’ll help coming this year where I’m not anticipating many new releases anyway. Backlogs will be taken care of.

Oh yeah! Buckle up! I played Vanilla P5 and beat it in a 100hrs. I beat P5R in 120hrs! I can’t wait to do it again on The God Box

I’ll say that the game id long but it is incredibly well paced. In my 120 hours, I did not feel like in became monotonous at any part for an extended part of time. Also when you start to think ‘I need a break from this’ the game will change it up and gives you a break but keep you playing.

I didn’t realise I was 80 hours in until I checked the timer on the save file. I thought I was about 40 hours in. I did some grinding about 90 hours in, probably didn’t need it but at the same time it was only for a couple of hours and it was fun to do. There’s plenty of gameplay mechanics that keep you entertained. At the end of the game, I wasn’t begging for the game to end but also when it ended I wasn’t clamouring for more, it was just the right length. I can’t wait for a second playthrough truth be told.

I thought the opposite, honestly. I was fully excited to play a new Persona game but thought it dragged on waaaay too long and had too many scenes where the characters reiterate the mission statement and core premise. I think a lot of it is that I think 5 has the weakest story/writing of this bunch by far, so it felt like they were really belaboring points I didn’t find especially compelling.

For all its faults, 3 states its thesis right up front with a bullet and executes on it well. It hits its marks well, and the music really highlights the emotional impact they’re going for. I haven’t played Persona 3 in…10 years maybe? but listening to any of Living With Determination, Memories of the School, Memories of the City, Memories of You, ohhh and that last boss track. They’ll just fuck me up for an hour. I’m getting chills just thinking about it.

4 can rely on its mystery trappings, and has more charming characters (though they are more limited by nature of their arcs being resolved almost immediately and through S-Links instead of through the narrative) . It’s no wonder that so many people like it, it hits the balance of gameplay, story, and fluff well and gives off the “hanging out with friends” vibe more than 3.

5 had the least interesting story and kind of failed to hit the highs it struck in the first palace for the rest of the game IMO. The characters are good, but I have fonder memories of the P4 gang. It’s very stylish and has good music but it’s mostly sizzle and not much fsteak. The mechanics are great, and why I’ll probably save it for last.

Don’t get me wrong, they’re all great outside of some unfortunate garbage and I will 100% them all yet again, but 4G comes the closest to making me excited about that prospect. That said I haven’t played P5R yet, so maybe I’ll be recanting when I get around to it :smile:

Incidentally, the way I feel about Persona 3 is the reason I think The Answer is absolute garbage. Just totally craps over everything the story says and the characters accomplish. Terrible excuse for an epilogue.

Edit: Forgot about Heartful Cry, the only good thing to come out of The Answer. That track is awesome. Also, “with a bullet” up there was an unintentional joke.


I think it will be interesting to come back and see if I agree with this more after I’ve played all 3. I’ve only played 5 so that’s my main exposure to Atlus. 5 is definitely comfort food I can’t wait to replay. Probably most excited to play 4G and don’t really have an opinion on 3 so that’s probably the one that can surprise me the most.

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I have a Vita and a PS TV also for this purpose… except I spent dozens of hours on them playing P4G :wink: Ready to jump back in when they’re on Xbox.


Im never going to play 4g again tbh. Even on xbox. One of my fav rpgs of all time but ive had my time with those characters and story and ill just keep them in my memory.


as someone who played P4 around 10 hours or so on an ancient machine before PS3, i prefer the vanilla version over the ‘golden’ one. mostly because i think the VA are overall ‘great’ on the PS2 version. like Chi/Yosuke. not sure why they are bothered to change the VAs with the ‘golden’ version. famous actors yada yada?..

I mean thats specific. I can understand it but golden has significant gameplay changes like widescreen and night time exploration extra term which includes more character development…0 as well as some qol changes. I never played vanilla. Goldenwas my first experience but i actually think chie in golden was more realistic. Her voice in vanilla sounded like she was 40.

I just finished Dragon Quest XI a month or so ago and had over 100 hours on my save so I’ll be ok with this lol. Have a few other JRPGs with that much time on as well.

I’m like that with a lot of tv shows and movies. Tbh I didn’t think I’d want to go back and play Persona 5 but once I saw it announced I started to get the itch. Especially since I never played Royal. Probably be my last time though. It’s a lot of free time to spend on a game.

DQXI was one I thought could be maybe 10 - 20 hours shorter. I think I finished the main story at around 60 hours and then it was a lot of busy work to do all the achievements.

For what it’s worth, I thiiiink the Steam version also has JP audio. Hopefully we’ll get that, and that might allay your issue :smile:

Just realized this is the ATLUS West Twitter banner. Kinda strange they’re totally going all in with this one while their next game comes out in a couple months.

Microsoft must’ve paid big money, or it’ll change in July.:sweat_smile::joy:


Whats crazier is they dont list the ps or steam icons on there


Thrilled with this apparent evidence of a burgeoning relationship. I hope this is a runaway success and other Japanese devs take note!


They just bought the whole publisher… it seemed neater :wink:

/s in case it wasn’t obvious.


We get all the DLC for free, nice.


Thats good just wait it to appear in that damn store

I know its been officially announced but i just want to see that royal game picture on my actual xbox…


Interesting. So I guess this is equivalent to the Ultimate edition, which retails for $100 instead of $60. Bear in mind both the Persona and Royal Legacy DLC bundles appear to have some significant Personas from P3 and 4. Could lessen the impact of getting those, so mind yourselves!

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