Persona 3 Portable, 4 Golden, and 5 Royale Coming to Xbox Consoles, Cloud, and PC

Originally published at: Persona 3 Portable, 4 Golden, and 5 Royale Coming to Xbox Consoles, Cloud, and PC - XboxEra

On today’s Xbox showcase, ATLUS and SEGA have announced ports for the well-known and beloved Persona series. Featuring ports of Persona 3 Portable, Persona 4 Golden, and Persona 5 Royale, Xbox players will finally be able to play through some of gaming’s best Japanese role-playing games. Persona 5 Royale will launch on Xbox Game Pass for PC, Cloud, and Console on the 21st of October, 2022, with the rest of the titles coming later next year.

More information can be found below.


Man, it finally happened. Felt like a pipe dream all those years back. Bless Phil Spencer.


I’m so glad we FINALLY have modern console ports of 3 and 4 and coming to game pass no less.


I played P5 via PS Plus and wanted to try the other games but they weren’t available. I will play all of these on Xbox.

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Anime wins E3 yet again. It is funny that ports for older games excited me more than all these flashy new AAA games.


I’m so happy it finally happened. This and DQ are the only franchises that could ever push me to buy a Playstation, so I’m pleased as punch that they are finally coming to Xbox.


Phil being the one to announce this and follow-up Wo Long, then introduce the Kojima deal is exactly what I hoped for.

They’re serious about Japan.


The highlight of the show for me to be honest.


P4 is the one i want to play the most. Happy they’re finally on though. I guess i can safely assume that Persona 6 will be day one on xbox then.


Yeah, easily justifies resubscribing to gamepass once my subscription runs out. Now P5 is my most anticipated game of the year.

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The anount of crying from ps famboys about no 3 and 4 for ps5 is hilarious. Cmon now


Yeah mine too. It was soul hackers 2. Maybe now il finish royal

Please please let this be on cloud. Please.

I hope all the people begging for Persona actually play on gamepass or buy. I plan to buy 5 because I have never played it.

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I’m halfway through P5R on PS5, but unsure if I should put that on hold to play it on xbox. I’ll prob just wait for P4G and P3 to play persona on xbox

Looking forward to finally playing these

They are also perfect cloud games and should translate really well to phones and tablets

Gonna buy all of these and probably get every achievement. Really truly hope they took the opportunity to remove the shitty dodgy parts! Also glad we’re getting P3P and not FES because FeMC is the best and The Answer sucks.

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Want’s the difference between FES and P3P? I really enjoyed FES.

We only asked for 5. Damn Atlus, you’re too kind. Apology accepted.


P3P doesn’t have an overworld you can walk in. The locations are still there, but are more in a visual novel style. In portable you can command your party members instead of only being able to change their ai mode. You have the option of choosing a female MC which has a bunch of new social links that differ from the male MC.

It lacks cutscenes and the epilogue.


Let’s go! P3 portable and P4G have never been on home console before and now they are going to be exclusive to Xbox. Wow just wow.

Edit Just realized P3 portable is the one that doesnt have all the content. Whatever. I am still happy its coming