Persona 3 Portable, 4 Golden, and 5 Royale Coming to Xbox Consoles, Cloud, and PC

I can’t stop crying. We did it kids.


“I never liked Persona. I platinum both Persona 5 and got the spin-off, but I still think it’s garbage. Games suck. Oh and I never cared for P3 or 4 despite getting them all versions.”


Between this the Koei Tecmo showing they are supporting Xbox more it was a good why Japanese devs are going to support xbox


The game pass day one for Team Ninja surprised me.

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Well, guess it’s time to pre order Soul Hackers 2.

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Regretting not getting Collector’s edition to show my thanks…

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I just pre ordered the digital deluxe version, should be a good enough thank you. Also, will be playing it before Persona just because the amount of time that can be sunk into those games, and likely because my back log will be needing some work.

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I wonder what price 5R will be on the xbox store and if theyll do dlc for it. If its a reasonable price ill buy it day 1

Dream would be physical xbox version.

Thinking about this, and having played both P3 FES and P3P, I think I would have rather had FES. Both have content the other doesn’t have, but FES just felt better to play than the menu-driven parts of Portable. But this is still such an epic win!

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FES is such a mess code wise that it was much much easier for them to do Portable

Having only ever played Persona 4 golden when it came to the Vita i am very excited to finally give 3 and 5 ago. Only ever heard good things about them.

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Yeah absolutely. If atlus were bigger and richer. Theyd have remade it with p5 graphics long time ago.

Yup, FES stomps P3P imho. I cant stand that dumb little blu orb. Shame we cant get the superior version

It’s so great to see this coming to Xbox. 5 is a surprise too, some of thought it wouldn’t be. Now it remains to be seen if this will be my jam, turn based has never been my kind of thing but I absolutely will check them out.

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For me,them being on Game Pass means nothing.I haven’t used Game Pass for 4-5 months since.Nonetheless,I will buy them all probably

It’s been confirmed by Atlus that P3 and P4 are also going to PS5.

Yeah. No surprise there, seemed obvious that it would be on PlayStation also… they’re just not going to announce that at an Xbox show. :laughing: But the anger and dismay about these games being on Xbox is nuts. Switch people are about ready to riot in the streets.


Have been for several years, no matter how much some users want to claim otherwise :wink:

Edit: stupid typo


5 as well. So 60fps version

I think timed on xbox as no dates. Or maybe they do release same day. Makes sense as theyre on gamepass


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It must be to do with the hardware. Maybe that and the backlash to cloud versions of games on the platform.

Also when this deal will also add a cloud version to play on the go, the bases have basically been covered.