Persona 3 Portable, 4 Golden, and 5 Royale Coming to Xbox Consoles, Cloud, and PC

finally 1000/1000 P5R. I am most likely going to start P4g in a couple of weeks because the last stretch of P5R was kinda tiring tbh lol


One of the easiest 1000/1000 for a jrpg imo but thats fine. P3 looks way harder and more grindy. Requires 2 playthroughs.


Easiest but long as hell. Lol.

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Took me 125 hours but probably took extra long due min/maxing fusion alarms and combos :sweat_smile:

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I haven’t gotten the 1000 yet and I’m at 168hrs, didn’t bother with learning anything about min/maxing and any combos to create super strong personas. So, I think that you did it at a relatively short amount of time.

Who has two thumbs and definitely didn’t tear up when Living With Determination started playing in P3P? I’m sure it has something to do with where I was in life when I first played Persona 3 but this OST hits me so hard.

I’m definitely going to lose it when it’s time for Memories of You (no link because spoilers)

Sour note: I didn’t expect them to get rid of it, but they kept the transphobic bit I remembered. Disappointing.

Edit: It’s this guy.