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Thats not gonna change if you rank goes up or down. I was watching Grand master matches yesterday the whole day, and there were people that didnt know how to use a single character aside of their main. People not healing, healers dying first(because pushing), DPS not doing damage,etc

Bad people that got boosted trough lack, premades,etc are still gonna be up there, and also down in rank too. You cant do much about that even if they put you TOP1 every season.

I think the major problem ranked games have, specially in OW. Is that they dont take into account anything, aside of wins and loses. They literally have a score with everything you did with the character(accuracy, dart sleeps with ana, shields, damage mitigated,etc etc etc) but nothing is taken into account, so you keep getting people that got easy wins and the game just decides they are YOUR level… when they arent even basic level

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Mission complete

Was quite pleased to find my favorite character to use was perfect for a Ramattra counter

He’s not even that great of a tank, but he’s getting used nearly as much as I expected and he does have a near constant damage output.

Who better than muh girl to turn that shit on it’s head and make life miserable for him… it


Still at gold 11 loses and 3 wins.

I am trying my hardest

Every game doing more than I can and I still loose. This is frustrating

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Watched a few videos regarding mm in OW2 and it looks like game puts you in the “winning” or “losing” queue. Or more like, your team is rolled or you rolling over the other team. Just observe the match stats, and you will see K/D ratio, damage/healing differences between teams to know what is going on. And if you are in the team that gets rolled, you really can’t do much. Rarely you can be placed in the balanced match, but most of the time is “ok, now let other players get some W”.

The worse? Last night, I was in the ‘winning’ streak, the last game I had 0 deaths (played as Bap on Rialto) and that was also my 7th win, and guess what, I was demoted two ranks. Even if you are winning, it doesn’t matter.

And they know about it. Every OW2 developer update mention this issue and how they are working on mm improvements.

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Right, didnt know. It makes sense out of my 11 losses 2 to 3 are people leaving and throwing and 4 to 5 games it was just one sided…like other team has 30 elims as dps and we have 1 or 2. In those games I had more elims and heals than our dps and the enemy team heals

The screenshot I posted was okay game still not much better cause we didnt push through the first choke

Also After I posted that screenshot, I went on a 5 win streak. Makes no sense to me. Still went from Gold 1 to Gold 2

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Once you see that almost every role in your team gets considerably outplayed , switch to Open Queue or QP, cause it’s useless to try to get win. So shitty, but at least you can avoid up to 10+ loss streak AND frustration.

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I lost my love for this game, and it’s a damn shame the battle pass ruined my passion for franchise. the FOMO battle passes are just not for me anymore and prefer if devs implement the Halo Infinite style of BP. It’s crazy how much better the game was when they had loot boxes and actual season events where you can earn stuff rather than buying everything with cash. Hopefully they make fixes to that because this game has been pushed out of my rotation.

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Ah damn. Battle pass doesnt impact me as much since I dont care for cosmetics.

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I hear you, but stuff like characters locked to battle passes also turned me off. I think for a game like overpass characters shouldn’t be tied to it.

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Def agree on that point. Locking characters away is stupid.

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This is soo weird … went on a 7 streak and went from gold 2 to Plat 5. Few close games but mostly stress free

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THIS is what made you lose interest? Not the rampant cheating?


Lmao , didn’t play ranked to experience that. My friend told me cheating is bad at the moment

I havent come a cross any cheaters yet in the game

…either your bullshitting me, or the luckiest bastard in the history of Overwactch

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Or they’re the cheater… :stuck_out_tongue:


They love Hanzo too. But animation of his Storm Arrows ability in OW2 makes it harder to guess.

I was playing with someone on PC through cross-play, and we had a cheater in Quick-Play. It was so obvious, they were playing as Hanzo, and they always managed to head-shot everyone, even when completely missing their shot.

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Most of the cheating is on Console, actually

Players who use things to hide that they are using a mouse and keyboard to get in lobbies against legit console players. Or using modded controllers. Just watch for the players who get nothing but headshots. I have no issue quitting out of thses lobbies immediately when I see constant headshotting widow makers

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