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Oh, after being first placed as Silver 1, in the next batch I got nice upgrade:

This tier is in the range of what I was in OW1. Phew, I though I would need to climb through Silver 2-3-4-5 before getting into gold.


Just started playing it’s really fun but how the fuck is there no fov slider? Every other new shooter can do it why not Overwatch?

Got placed at Bronze 2 but I have got really really lucky with the matchmaking and now I am in Gold 4

Never did I go on such win streaks.


Platinum 5, yet in matches there are leavers and people without a clue how to play…

I didn’t think too much about playing Overwatch 2 on my Switch Lite because I thought I needed to suscribe to Nintendo Online but actually you don’t have to now because it’s free to play. So I linked my account, got all my stuff in minutes and now I’m playing in my bed. That’s neat ! And it’s still very playable with the help of gyro and looking pretty nice on a small screen. That game will have some decent play time, for sure !

Hm, I didn’t notice this at all:

Kiriko is in!


Available now at Australian McDonald’s


If you are into cosmetics.


I am currently cueing exclusively for tank now and jumping between my old favorite Zarya and new favorite the rewokeded Orisa. God, the changes to Orisa are phenomenal


She is immortal lol. So hard to kill her. Only if Zen cast Discord Orb and then maybe you can have successful elimination.

Queue times are really long for DPS and tanks, maybe they should remove Open Queue. Just play Quick Play if you want non-standard Overwatch, don’t make it competitive if the game is not balanced at all for any other scenario than 2:2:1.

I’m training my aim with Kiriko, she is great mix between DPS and healer.


Was one of the affected by the Bronze 5 bug and Im on silver 5 already(havent played much) as a healer. And seeing my matches, I think I’m hitting gold tomorrow as soon as I continue grinding and I’m expecting to get to at least high platinum, ranks after that are probably gonna be way harder because I dont have as many hours as I should.

Exploiting Moira as much as I can before the nerf that’s absolutely gonna come sooner or later; its nice to be able to do the job my dps arent doing… cause obviously they are low rank for a reason. I try to guide them a little bit but they dont listem most of the time haha

I don’t think she will be nerfed, she is played a lot in lower ranks, but in higher ranks, her usage is very low. A good counter for her is Lucio and also the best synergy she has with him. If you want to bring out the best in her, ask the other healer to be Lucio, then you two will dominate. That’s why my pick rate with Lucio is 90% cause I don’t play Moira, but I need to synergize with Moira on my team or counter her in the enemy team.

Don’t worry, people have been asking to nerf her since she was added, but the fundamental complatins with her are still unchanged. And that’s because as Predrag says

She was relevant in the pro scene twice I’d say from what I remember, during the GOATS meta she was viable, naturally, and in the last OW world cup she was meta as well, but both were short-lived.

She was meta last year in OWL for one stage and comps were Winston/Dva/Echo/Reaper/Lucio/Moira. And it was all about which team will first generate Coal. This year, I can’t remember anyone playing her.

I am going to stop playing this game. It is not fun being a healer main, and majority of the time kept being let down by the team. Tanks are soo OP and as a healer other than moira you get dived on.

Really getting frustrated