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Yeah, it can get ugly, and once you see that enemy tank is better, the match outcome is pretty much sealed. For me, more frustrating is leveling up. I was Platinum 5, then went to Platinum 4, in the next nine games my team won in seven, and my level went to Platinum 2. Another run of seven wins and one lost game, my rank went to Platinum 1. WTH?

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I stopped using healers as well. I loved Lucio, Anna and Moira in OW1, but now simply can’t do it

I will say, my brother Jess and his girlfriend Amanda are excellent healers in OW2. Not sure how they do it still, but as a Tank main, I’m loving playing with those two

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I climed up to plat 5 and now down to gold again. As healer there will be few games where I can mak3 positioning mistakes but majority of the time my goal is to stick with the team ans heal.

I been playing soo many games where its a loss when I am doing best as a healer and its just frustrating that skill has to be tied to luck in a way.

I am not saying I am a masters player or want to be in a diamond, I think my skill caps at plat (Middle) somewhere and as a healer once I drop its hard to get back up

Yes, if the enemy tank is good and your team lacks focus its GG, there are some games where the enemy tank never dies

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Agree on all points. Just played one game where my Ana made a diff (feels good putting Genji on sleep during his ult lol), some good nades in the enemy back-line and sniping dps on the high ground. But you can do as much and yet to be easily overwhelmed if enemy teams focus on healers, and your team don’t care about you.


I was never placed before in Diamond rank, and now Diamond 5. Jumped from Platinum 1. Feeling really rewarded after all complaints about ranking system :grin:.


Ranking System is fine. But it was bugged at launch and placed too many people in bronze so it messed up the whole MM system. But its fixed now and it makes sense how it works. It rewards winrate but if you lose the 20 games doesnt mean its gonna suddenly drop you, it calculates based on how are you performing… wich makes sense. You can be the best healer ever but your teams in bronze just arent good.

Also, congrats!

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Very true, few last matches were really ‘good Overwatch’ experience: comp adjustments, smart positioning, team mates taking high-ground advantages, no lone wolfs, and then getting wins because of the team sinergy. So good.

Had one hell of a run tonight with the Mrs and @PoderickPayne

Just uninstalled the game on both PC and Console. The last 5 nights in a row that I’ve played have been absolutely miserable. It seems like ever since the patch I’m at a 10-15% winning percentage, and it’s just not fun.


This is better for your mental health. I’ve been having a better gaming time since I uninstalled it and I’m glad I don’t have the itch to reinstall it anymore.

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Yup, matchmaking is broken. Last few matches I asked all players what is their current rank, and we were all mixed, me being diamond (now platinum) and some of them bronze or silver. How the hell plat player can be matched vs or in a team with the bronze players? Looks like they are putting players together to reduce queue times. Also demoting me 8 ranks is ridiculous. What a shame.

It has been like this since launch, it has nothing to do with mixing ranks, its mixing MMR. You’re all at the same level, but the diamong guy just happens to have had good luck to rank up, while you maybe stayed at gold(for example).
The game “thinks” you are all the same level and is also testing you all, if you win at diamong level you will rank up easily or on the other hand, the diamond guy will go down way faster.

Usually in a proper MM, like Valorant, you get tested with the rank above… not 4 ranks above you at a level you’re not supposed to be close yet. (Basically, yes, its a broken system. The proper idea is there, but they fucked up the development of their MMR and rank systems)

Personally I’ve been only playing casual matches and I’m having fun but there’s way too many people not understanding their roles,when to swap,etc but I’m having fun. Might do some rankeds cause I know I can get out of silver easily… but their 7-20 system is just so bad, I dont find myself wanting to go to it. I got put in B5 because of the bug, got out in 7 games and just stopped playing after that.

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Sure, I get you. Even if I’m platinum now, why should I be matched with the tank that doesn’t know how to play a role at all? After each death guy changes hero and goes nowhere lol. I’m not saying my skill is super high, but at a certain rank, you should be matched with people who understand the game at that level.

When I was a diamond, the game still matched me with people who don’t know the basics of OW. That is really unfair and you lose. At the diamond rank is where really good OW starts. People understand counter-picks, and positioning, they take care of cooldowns and how to stack them together with their teammates. Not saying lower ranks are not understanding all of that, but you can clearly see difference in the gameplay.

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The new BP seems way better and I’m hoping those events have free skins with them(maybe the ones actually displayed in that image). And Ramattra seems OP, will have to see of course, maybe its broken as fuck but then its hard to actually use properly. At least mechanically seems to be quite fun.


Just did my tank placements. Carrying people in gold, literally, what I get? Bronze 5

Amazing experience Blizzard.

What a stupid ass ranking system, its probably the worse ranking system I’ve seen in a fuckin videogame ever.

It’s really odd. SR system wasn’t perfect but at least you knew at any moment your place and rank.

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Wth, now jumped back to Diamond 5. I don’t get it.

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