Outriders Preview is now available for Xbox Insiders

The Outriders Preview is now available through the Xbox Insiders app. You don’t need to have a Preview OS installed – just open the app, go to “Previews” and select the Outriders Preview.

There is limited space available for this playtest and it is offered first-come first-served. Once all slots have been filled the playtest will disappear from the Xbox Insider app. You are not allowed to stream or share screenshots, video clips or even details about the game.

This thread is a heads-up to everyone who wants to try the game, which will only be released on February 2nd.

I cannot stress this enough: you are under NDA and are not allowed to discuss about the game. Be cautious about that!

The preview is a 39.48 GB download.


Looking forward to reading impressions from those here who will play it even though it’s not sounding good thus far based on Mercury’s comment -

Tried again before I went to bed. Half a dozen crashes on the title screen and before loading in. Hopefully we get a patch tomorrow.

I see some people reporting few or no issues but it doesn’t seem to matter whether it’s XSX | S or One consoles.

If it hasn’t already been driven home in the last week or so with Cyberpunk for people there’s no way you can reliably preorder this game. Even if you’re like me and really looking forward to it.

That’s a shame as im very much looking forward to the game. Hoping it gets delayed if the preview build is recent and the issues haven’t been fixed in a newer build.

Can’t wait to try it when I get off work. Hope they don’t run out of spots!

No crashes for me so far. There is obviously some polishing needed, but the Preview is more focused on gameplay than aesthetics. I skipped most of the cutscenes because I’d like to only experience the story when I get the full game. There are lots of cutscenes, by the way. Lots of lore aswell!

The Preview is convincing me to buy the game so far. It seems to be my jam!

Edit: Just chose my class and yeah, I’m pre-ordering this. I really wish I could go in details.

Are all 4 classes available?

Yep! I went for Pyro.

Really hoping this turns out good.

I’m having so much trouble getting it to download at all, even though I got “in” and I’m at the store page.

EDIT: Nevermind, it’s going now.

Keeps crashing for me, I will try again later.

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So i made it to the “hub”, level 3 now I believe. Was going to get this game day 1, now… I’m not so sure. I know its a beta, but it just doesn’t feel very good. Comparing it to Division 2, Gears or Destiny, it just feels more like a Free-to-play game. Can’t seem to take cover behind anything that isn’t hip height, aiming feels loose, animations are pretty bad, some of the environments look downright bad too.

I’ll just wait for reviews.

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Remember guys :wink:


I hope they figure out why this is crashing all the time for a large part of the users. I have played maybe 10 minutes so far and than it crashed. Haven’t got it to work again since then. :frowning:

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I don’t know if it was the time that I played (5 AM GMT), but I had no crashes. I played through the whole prologue while skipping most of the cutscenes.

Cant get this game to work or run properly right now so I uninstalled. Cant make it past character selection screen.

Guess Ill wait for reviews and pray it does well cause Im super interested.

What’s the release date for this?

Definitely preordering, this game looks like my jam.

It was supposed to come out this month, but was postponed to February 2nd.

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While the gunplay is good, this game is trying to be so many things at the same time that I don’t know if it has an identity of its own. It crashed 5 out of the 6 times I tried it. Also, HDR seems broken? It looks greyish on my OLED.

Edit: forget the last part. My HDR settings on XBOX were broken.

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I can’t play it on Series X. Just crashes every time I try to load into the character select screen for two days straight now.

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