Outriders Preview is now available for Xbox Insiders

Played through it didn’t have any crashing obviously some texture problems but the story is good and gun play the abilities are also good I’m gonna be picking this up day one

You can start a new character to try the other classes and it lets you skip the prologue. I really appreciate that.

That said, it’s crashing constantly. So I tried 3 classes, I’m probably good now until the actual release.

I’m keeping my eyes on this. Definitely feeling fatigued on loot shooters and tend to feel like everything post campaign for these type of games is the antithesis of what I find fun (raids, grinding for specific gear, interacting with the hardcore community) but I usually get enough enjoyment from the journey to max level.

Looking forward to playing with you folks



I loved playing through Avengers and Anthem campaigns, but I couldn’t be bothered playing the post game.

game still doesn’t work for me

Everyone: please remember to answer all the Outriders Preview’s surveys available on Xbox Insider app, as well as report all the problems you came across to. That’s what the program and the flight is after all!


Endgame varies from game to game. I would argue Destiny’s endgame is the best part.

But People Can Fly are saying this isn’t a GaaS anyway

It’s not a live service game but im still expecting post launch expansions like AC Valhalla/The Witcher 3, etc.

Yep, first thing I did. Done it once a day while it’s still broken with a video attached.

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I would never dare break NDA and talk about this preview.

Unrelated… boy, I can’t WAIT for the full release of this game :slight_smile:


Can’t talk about the game but I’m still in Day One. I hope they do an open beta. I really think it would bring them some extra sales. Game is flying so low on radars :frowning:

For ppl having issues, this worked for me.

I am not in preview, but I do have the insider hub. I don’t see Outriders on there? Only Knight Squad 2, Minecraft and TABS Beta.

It had limited slots. All slots were probably filled :frowning:

Ah, so that’s it. I thought I maybe had to download a different insider hub since it has a option to join a new insider hub but it doesn’t join for me.

Can’t say much due to the NDA, but assuming the crash issues are resolved, this will be a day one purchase for me. Very much enjoyed playing the game when it would actually play.


For those of you who have been playing the preview, are the issues enough to warrant/cause a delay for the game or could it be an older build where the major issues have been resolved?

Deleted the beta because it crashed every single time a couple minutes in and cancelled my Preorder for the time being.

Too bad I was pretty stoked for this.

Reminder for everyone having issues, I posted a fix above. You just need anther account on your Xbox and that’s it. I feel like the issue should be resolved by launch cuz it seems more like an authentication error or something. It works flawlessly when you’re on the 2nd account. Please don’t give up on this game! :stuck_out_tongue:

@Blacki if you care to try the beta again