XboxEra Community Hangout |OT| Safe Space no longer required (Part 1)

Game Pass co-op suggestions:

  • SoT
  • Grounded
  • Drake Hollow
  • A Way Out (EA Play)
  • Unravel Two
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Have you played A way Out? its avaliable with E Play :slight_smile:

First impression on Dragon Quest 11: the most classic JRPG you could play. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just fired up the Outriders demo… the splash screen has an Oodle logo on it on XSX. Guess the PS5 doesn’t have some random secret sauce access to third party compression techniques… Who could have predicted? Lol.

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You can sign up through the insiders hub for a limited population demo… active now.

Runs like trash though. I had half a dozen crashes in 30 minutes. But looks promising I’d they can sort that out. Obviously lots of work to do before a February launch with COVID though…

Oh, okay. If it’s running bad, hopefully they delay it if it needs more time.

Mine got stuck at character screen so I closed it and went to BFV lol

Are you playing on Series X or One?

Series X. I think it’s just another case of COVID development and meeting a deadline. The game looks good, it’s just clearly not a stable build.

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Hope Square Enix allows People Can Fly to delay the game if they need to because im really looking forward to playing it and I hope they don’t fuck it up.


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I’m going to try that one. Multiple people have suggested it.

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This is a good list. Thanks!

Hey all,

My friend wants to game share with someone across the Atlantic. I know that setting your friend’s Xbox as your home Xbox works wonders within a single territory, but does it work internationally or do you get region locked somehow? I’m assuming as it is a log in thing it would be fine?

Should be region free I think. Had a friend that gameshared with someboy from Europe and he lived in Americas.

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I’m in America and I GameShare with an Englishman. It’s fine.

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I’m in the states and my wife gameshares with her friend in Canada without issue for a couple of years now.

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Now that we have a consensus on performance disparity for Cyberpunk, it’s unfortunate that this conversation is overshadowed by the other comments creations around cyberpunk.

I guess the poor optimisation all aliens makes it difficult to come to a conclusion, but I’m definitely not feeling the same energy on XSX being the best console for Cyberpunk, vs near parity between XSX and PS5 for AC:V, for example.

I wonder if this is a trend we will continue to see or if this is an outlier.

I know that everyone is about serious a x and next gen, but after owning 1 og xbox one and 2 one s consoles, I’ve bought one x together with a new TV and I’m impressed. I’ve tried ori and doom eternal, and they’re amazing! Hdr implementation on both of them is fantastic. I’ve planned to buy series x but they’re simply not available in my country so I’ll wait for fall next year probably, around halo i guess and buy it then. So far, this is next gen to me :slight_smile: