OLED or QLED For next gen

I am sorry but any “article” saying it was a pain in the ass to configure the tv for xbox, either had a broken tv/xbox/cable or does not have a clue. And that is all of the innocent possibilities.

Also, all the screengrabs with data I have posted in this topic are from rtings measures and/or equivalent. But I can see how you may have reservations for their audio tests, and same could be said for tv reviews for gaming purposes. Their settings and all are primarily geared for movies.

You mean the S95B?

I saw some people on AVSFORUM saying they had to set the Xbox system HDR to a certain amount to get it right, way higher or lower than it should be but since the S95B has DTM always enabled it can apparently be a bit tricky to get it right.


HDTVTest has their review for the $4K Sony A95K QD-Oled set:

Gonna watch this later, but I assume it seems to be winning from the S95B? Undoubtedly in accuracy, it just depends on how much you care about such a thing and if it’s worth the price difference. Personally I’m not fond of the UI of Sony TVs myself. I think if I’m getting a new TV this year it will likely be S95B.

I’d probably wait til next year and let Samsung resolve some of their issues

Been reading on forums where owners of the TV say they don’t have many issues anymore. The color gamut reset issue is gone, the bloom seems to not be much of an issue during gaming and some say they don’t see it at all.

But I haven’t made up my mind just yet.

Rtings is god tier. I make most of the monitor/tv related decisions based on their opinions. Love that they are unbiased, buy everything themselves. They have great analytical data and breakdowns. Really everything you need to make a informed purchase decision. The only people from youtube who I really use in the monitor and tv space are Stop the FOMO and hardware unboxed.

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So good ol Sammy has released a new firmware update for the S95B and it basically has made movie mode into film maker mode. So those that loved the less accurate, but more popping movie mode are better off taking the TV offline. I keep reading how some TVs still get updated even when auto update is disabled, ridiculous.

I wonder if you were to buy one now if it would have the latest update already. Sounds like game mode remains untouched, but who knows what Samsung will fix/break once that game hub thing releases.

I was with every first generation products you’re better to wait for the second generation

Let me guess, they kept messing up a lot of things with each update?

I’ve only had the Q9FN and a plasma TV them which was years ago, never too many issues. Is it truly about updates still installing even if auto updates are off?

Yeah all this stuff is making me very reluctant to make any move at all.

Reading comments by owners of the S95B on AVSforum and they are not happy. Basically they loved the popping image, it not being accurate they didn’t mind. Instead of Samsung keeping options they just force the changes on all modes, everything that was wowing folks is now going away in favor of being accurate and Samsung sure has mislead people. By having inaccurate picture and wowing people (like store demos really) but plenty fans were happy with it. Vincent and a few others started covering it and next thing Samsung does it change it all and doesn’t keep the options for people, not good.

This is very interesting

Sharpness at 0 actually makes the picture more sharper, he’s showing it with Animal Crossing. When he sets it to the default 10 you can see the edges smoothen out, like anti aliasing really.

So if you want the sharpest image in 4K content put it at 0. But for games on Switch that tend to have jaggies, or some Xbox and PS games too…keep it at default 10.

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it seems LGs oled technology will be tier 3 soon. They will need to make adjustments or the competition will pass them. The Chinese are coming too.

I wouldn’t expect to see any eLeap items in actual consumer products until at least 5 years from now. If they were closer than that we would have seen concept displays at the various trade shows already. They havent even made samples. Its still a sizable time from sample to consuner product availability.

I always take these sort of things with huge salt despite the huge promises like the following:

The best thing is this isn’t just some kind of theoretical concept done in a lab. The company says it’s ready to start producing samples of its eLEAP OLED displays by the end of the year, and that it will provide the technology to other display makers as well.


It also costs € 4.199,-

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Old post but I wanted to add, that when I was using Xbox’s system to adjust the picture it suggested to lower the sharpness to zero.

Yep. But I’ve always been someone that keeps the sharpness where it is. Besides for my current games like RDR2 and AI: The Somnium Files it doesn’t make a visible difference.

What do you guys use to clean your oled screen?

Dry microfiber cloth, never any kind of spray. I just don’t trust it. I carefully wipe away the dust with the cloth and leave it at that.

If anyone is interested, the LG C1 at 55 inches is on Amazon US for a little over 1000 USD.

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