OLED or QLED For next gen

Hi guys,

I’m thinking of getting a new tv so I’m ready for the full next gen experience in November when the series x drops. Can somebody give me some advice on what is the best type of tv to get OLED or QLED.

I have heard people complain about burn in on OLED Which worries me a little , especially considering their prices tag.

I will mainly be using it for movies and games. I’m also UK based if anybody has any links to some good offers or some model recommendations.


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I was looking at the Samsung Q80T, but then I found 120hz is only for 1080p mode sadly.

I’ve got a decent 4k LG TV currently, so I may wait a little longer, for a QLED that supports 120fps/4k.

Avoiding OLED myself, only due to screen burn worries, shame as the OLED CX looks wonderful.

Absolutely nothing compares to an OLED, I would never go back to any other TV because the picture and blacks are perfect.

I wouldn’t worry about screen burn in, LG and Xbox both have measures in place so this doesn’t happen.

My next big purchase will be the 77 inch OLED for my living room


Can I ask what you mean by LG and Xbox have measures in place to stop screen burn?


It is quite simply up to you, I know that at other era they keep screaming “OLED OLED OLED!” as were they a cult, but they forget that budgets exists and that QLED also has some advantages. Further than that not everybody wants a big screen. For instance my parents don’t want a screen larger than 40inch, so for them QLED is a better alternative. Also the price is better for a QLED TV in the upper medium till high end range. I personally don’t own a TV, as I don’t need one and rather use a computer monitor while using my living room as a reading and studying chamber :).

So unless you are really bothered by black pixels not being truly black and good contrast. QLED is good contender.

So keep in mind: What is the maximum size you wish for, and don’t think that “bigger is better”, it isn’t always. Some TV’s are too big for the room they are in. What is your budget and what features do you wish for? Some gaming centered features like, variable refresh rates, might be available on one and not on the other. Also don’t let others rush you, as you probably will have this TV for years and it’s better to take your time than to do an impulse buy.

Sorry if I seem arrogant here, just the whole QLED vs OLED thing always seemed too fanboyish on otherERA for me to ever dare to state an opinion in. So here I"m a bit more daring ;).


OLED is where it’s at for me.

Years ago when I bought my first TV it was a Samsung plasma, then Panasonic, then came the LG EC9300 OLED and I was sold, amazing what a screen that was. But then came Xbox One X and I needed a 4K TV. I got the LG B6, issues, decided to sell it.

Then I tried Sony XE930e, great TV but then I was able to get the Samsung Q9FN for a great deal. Great picture, tons of issues. Return it and got the LG OLED C9. Picture quality wise it’s just the very best, amazing black levels, no haloing or blooming, superb viewing angles and so on. I can’t and won’t go back to anything else anymore.

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Hey, why shouldn’t we worry about screen burn?

I did have my eye on the oled CX, but decided against it due to screen burn in worries.

I think the TV looks wonderful, so may invest once it drops a little.

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When LG dims the TV, it’s moving it’s pixels and also a screen refresh tool that automatically triggers after a certain period of time.

For Xbox, once the console is idle, it has a screen saver mode where it’s flipping cards, changing the position of the time and if you look closely, the entire screen is moving it’s pixels!

Ive been using an OLED for years, never had a screen burn in issue and I primarily use my tv for gaming, netflix, and live sports.

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Once you go OLED, you can never go back. Its the absolute best in picture quality and other TVs will never have the same tech for blacks. Only OLED is capable of it and it’s what makes picture come alive.

I used to have an 80 inch Samsung but the bleeding of light in the edges is disgusting so I went back to my 55 inch OLED. Any TV I purchase now or in the future will always be OLED


Please keep people’s budget in mind though. And not everybody wants a big TV. QLED (and other technologies) certainly have a place. Not everything is about contrast, a QLED does have a higher color range, however how much use you get out of that is to be argued. I personally would more check what size he wants maximum and what price he is willing to pay. But also to look at other technologies on the market right now, while LED, some Chinese manufacturers have some novel ways of getting picture quality out of their screens. Like using a separate LCD panel to control the contrast. While of course this is not as good individual pixels, it still might give him a result good enough for the price he is looking for in the size he is looking for.

With Dolby Vision on Xbox, i think OLED is the way.

OLED. Qleds lose so much detail vs OLED.

I went with a Sony X900. I was paranoid about burn in. I know there is stuff you can dk to minimize it, butvi really didn’t want to have to worry about it.

Also, i wanted 75+“ and OLED at that size is pretty pricey.

Keep going back and forth between the 65" 900h and the 55" CX. Both are great tv’s. Won’t pretend like the 900h has a better picture but it does tick all the boxes and still looks great. Of course I won’t buy the 900h at all until the firmware update shows up.

The biggest warning I can give you is that game mode on LED TVs tend to look much worse than on normal mode. OLED looks exactly the same on any mode, and that to me is one of the biggest advantages of OLED vs LED/QLED, besides everything else already mentioned.

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I believe OLED is the best picture however QLED is not far behind and as much as I believe oled is great I have seen and read so many burn in stories that for me its not worth the risk for the price. This is just me though.

OLED for true HDR - true blacks and low latency.

QLED can have same picture quality as the OLED in HDR and true blacks but the post processing on QLED adds noticeable latency.

A lot of this will depend on the brightness of the room you play in. The top end Samsungs go much, much brighter than an OLED (1,487 cd/m2 vs 813 cd/m2 on the CX) and have superior anti-reflection technology. For a bright room they are far more suitable. Full Array Local Dimming on the top end (Q90R/Q90T) does away with the edge lighting and blooming mentioned above as well. For a dark room of course OLED is brilliant, so no need for a barrage of arguments, but don’t dismiss the new Samsungs out of hand so long as you’re comparing the top models.

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Burn in isn’t an issue anymore.

OLED is the right answer. As long as the panel is calibrated, burn in is a non issue.