OLED or QLED For next gen

OLED is the only way to go. I have the C9 and its simply in another class of quality compared to LED screens. No more haloing, horrible backlight blur or any if the many, many issues I had with previous sets.

The newest panels from C9 onwards have a lot of protection built in to prevent burn in, as does the Xbox itself so this is not a concern anymore.

No offense but I’ve seen that repeated so often on here and yet every time I read a new OLED review from rtings.com, they very clearly state that if you’re playing content that have static HUDs (which most games do) that burn-in still is very much an worry. They even have shown tests spanning months and content with these elements to verify that very claim. So I’ll take the word of those performing tests with empirical results over someone just saying that it’s not a problem any day.

I still very much think that OLEDs have their place but the cost and limited usage in bright rooms, like I have, definitely suggests they aren’t a one-fits-all solution (and that’s before considering burn-in).

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I have a QLED cause color accuracy and hdr lightlights are the best on it. My tv does ~2500 nuts and higher color spectrum then oleds. Oleds are better at blacks and contrast but if you get a high end QLED it’s really good. Plus during day with windows open QLED will look better since it’s brighter than oled in bright room too. I value color and hdr highlights for my viewing thus QLED was the choice for me. Trust me when you see 2500nits in action it’s like you’re in the scene especially viewing a tropical beach scene it’s so bright and real lol


Couldn’t agree more. Specular highlights at the top end of a QLED, like some sun poking through leaves, or Tokyo nightlights from the sky have to be seen to be believed. Playing a game like Rise of the Tomb Raider and seeing the glow stick in the caves, or the torches in dark scenes of Gears 5 are superb



Don’t be fooled into buying a OLED


RTings is simply wrong here. You have to calibrate your OLED, then burn in is a non issue. I have a 65" from 2016, gamed thousands of hours on it, mainly long RPGs with static HUDs.

Can somebody recommend me some models for both OLED and QLED so I can compare.

CX vs Q90

Between these two the case really falls down to personal taste. QLED is brighter, has more pop, and can handle HDR masterfully, OLED has the deep black details and near instant response times.

Pepsi vs coke, Adidas vs Nike, McDonald’s vs Burger King. Pick your flavour, you can’t really lose out.

Both 10bit colour, both 120hz panels. The Q90s do come with the One Connect box, though, which is freaking sweet for convenience.

Thanks for the Info. I didn’t realise how damn expensive OLED TVs are. Will see how much QLEDS are going for …

I would probably get an OLED and a decent guarantee.

I got a mid range 4ktv with a VA pannel a few years a go, its good, good black levels and a sharp image but the viewing angles stuck.

The thing with TVs is that unless they are terrible you get used to them very quickly, my original plan was my mid range Tv to be a stop gap until I had enough money for an OLED, but after using the mid range for a few years things like OLED + 120HZ support dont seem worth the money for me, no doubt they are great, but im fine waiting until 2023 when oleds, VRR and 120hz are cheaper

The Q90R can be picked up for as low as £1,300, and there is little improvement in the Q90T, so if you can still find it, it is a bargain

So after doing a little digging around this is what im coming up with, that I can afford.


QLED Q80 or Q90.

Any opinions on these TVs ? I’m thinking of waiting for Black Friday to see if they drop in the sales.

Thanks again

Please, please, go for the LG OLED.

For me, the Q90 is superb. I realise that between us we are not actually helping.

:see_no_evil: You are right. I still can’t imagine going back from OLED.

As I said in an earlier post, it is really up to preference - and which deal you find on the day!

Out of interest - do you watch UHD Blu-Rays on your set? That was the deciding factor for me.

Actually I haven’t watched more than one (Dunkirk) on this one. I had the NU7400 before (mid-range Samsung) and watched fair few of them then, but i just don’t watch films in general anymore and have sold the UHD Blu Rays on eBay. Games may have ruined films for me, if i get three hours without baby/wife I desperately cling to the gaming time.

Incidentally, Dunkirk looked fine but not a great example because of the grain effects used etc. I find that other then Blu Rays, the best test videos are on YouTube (like Jacob/Katie Schwarz videos) because unlike Netflix and Amazon there isn’t a throughput limit. But that’s a complaint for another day.

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Same situation, different outcome. :grinning:

When we had the baby, I started my UHD collection. I found it easier to just pause a movie than breaking from gameplay every couple minutes when the need arose. Now I have more than 200 discs… :see_no_evil:

What you said about Dunkirk I can confirm. On the other hand I found myself getting movies that didn’t really do anything for me storywise, but are so breathtaking visually like the Pacific Rim flicks.