New Console Woes: Are the PS5 and Xboxes really experiencing a lot of issues?

Have to say my series X and S haven’t had a single issue beyond needing a restart after downloading all the updates. Both silent. Both run pretty warm though but to be expected.

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I’ve had no issues whatsoever with my Series X.

My friend had his first console shut off approximately 3 times during a co-op session of 2 to 3 hours in Borderlands 3. I know it was poorly optimized and was causing previous generation consoles to shut off and overheat, so I wonder if it’s related to that.

He had a new console shipped to him and that one shut off during Borderlands again. Other games run fine; feel like it’s got to be a software issue at this point.

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That’s just the Animus glitching out. :slight_smile:

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Apart from a few game crashes, no major problems with my launch day Series X. Bloody great console.


Borderlands 3 did the same thing last gen. They won’t fix it!

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Outside of the well documented Quick Resume inconsistencies, the Series X experience has been surprisingly smooth from first boot up and install until now. The machine is so quiet. To this point, the quietest console I’ve owned. Also running cooler than I expected.


I’ve had zero issues with my two Series X’s and Series S. All are dead silent. I thought I was having a hdmi cec issue, but it turned out that I had disabled the setting on my TV at some point, so false alarm. Been really pleased with the quality of the Series units.

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I haven’t heard anything about SX since over a week, only the first few days, I think it’s safe to say that SX aren’t haven’t many issues and I’m not surprised after what MS did with the 1X, so much power in that small box.


i think what is interesting Series S don’t have many issues as Series X

Fewer were sold. I’m not seeing any major series x issue anywhere. First few days but nothing beyond that.

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This is very simple to explain. Look at Gamer Nexus’ thermal videos. The components reach 90C sustained, the cooling system is sub-par (as well as the design of the box) thus trapping all the heat inside. What does that mean then? If the plastic isn’t up-to-spec then that’s what happens when exposed to heat for a prolonged period of time.

Basically, Sony effed up in terms of industrial design and cheaping out on the plastic.


My PS5 died within its first hour of use. You can find details in the PlayStation 5 OT. It’s horrible and I don’t even know when I will get a replacement unit from my retailer who sent the console in to Sony. The retailer seemingly has sold everything through they had.

The Xbox Series X is functioning well for me. Yes, sometimes quick resume is buggy. And Watch Dogs: Legion has the terrible save bug, but that’s entirely on Ubisoft. Otherwise, this is such a great, quiet and powerful machine. I’m glad to have at least some next-gen gaming even if I was most looking forward to Demon’s Souls.

We had a poll in our German gaming forum about the issues. Xbox Series X had a pretty good poll result, only 3 out of 53 customers had serious issues. For PS5, there were many more users with problems, mostly about rest mode, the OS or having to set up the whole system again. However, there were very few with bricked units like I had.

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I’m sorry to hear that about your PS5, I hope you get a replacement soon.

I also hope Sony fixes these issues

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I want to say that over here and other social platforms… Things are concentrated and a bit overexposed.

That being said, this stuff can’t be understood like this. One thing is true between all of this, launch console will always have issues. It could be either hardware, software or OS.

Things need to be observed for atleast 3-6 months.

I’ve had two hiccups. Two power cycles (one starting a game, one on a YouTube video) and for some reason I could not start MK11 from a pin after buying the Aftermath expansion and installing it.

The only issue I have had between both systems (PS5 and SX) is that my Series X, while on the dash, with occasionally have a white flicker or flash, then the screen goes dark for a second, then it comes back. It only happens on the dash or using apps. It doesn’t ever happen while playing a game.

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My report after a day with Series X.

  • Runs stupid quiet except when installing disc and even then is still much quieter than PS5 doing the same.

  • Some games load quicker, some longer off HDD (probably due to 4K enhancements)

  • Quick Resume is something special on the games it works on.

  • Booting games off internal SSD feels great. Virtually no load.

  • UI is quick and snappy

  • Installation and Wi Fi connection are real problems here. It drops and regains 5hz regularly but refuses my 2.4 hz connection. It cannot install competently in the background either. PS5 has a massive advantage in this category that cannot be understated. Part of this seemd firmware based, part of it possibly due to Wifi 6 only being in the PS5.

  • Old games look and run fantastic. Even stuff like Banjo Kazooie look so clean and others like Hitman 2016 feel next gen running 4K 60 with Auto HDR.

  • I lost hdmi connection once playing Outer Worlds. Turned TV on and off and it was fine.

  • I struggled to access the network settings for unknown reasons

  • The system installed the wrong version of Gears 5 and I had to redownload.

  • UI Menus can have low quality assets at points, but again it runs great.

  • Screen Tearing was a major issue in Bright Memory but VRR fixed it.

  • No noticeable performance dips, possibly none at all.

On the whole, I quite like the system, but it’s a weird case. There are a number of small annoyances that can be fixed, but add up. Meanwhile PS5 is free from many of these small annoyances but has its own share of them (3D audio not working over wireless) and big ones (going batshit crazy playing Miles and crashing). Both systems are 100% playable but they are still launch systems. This aint the 90s.


Had my first crash to the OS tonight - multiple times in Gears of War 4 …

Oof, fired up my X this morning and it made a “thud” noise. Thought it might of been the fan so I turned it off (fan was still spinning) and started it up again… Same noise. :confounded:

Seems to be working fine tho, hope this is just an anomaly. :crossed_fingers:t4:

zero issues with Series X

Xbox seems to have the normal margin of error with software/hardware while Sony seems to be having a more widespread issue with hardware/software.