New Console Woes: Are the PS5 and Xboxes really experiencing a lot of issues?

This is not meant to start any drama or anything as I am just really curious, but I have seen a lot of new console issues. However, I am seeing the issues mostly with Sony’s PS5 and not really the Xbox. While I am aware Quick Resume has some bugs, some disc drives require recalculation or replacement, and some units have arrived dead, but after the first initial week, I have not heard or seen “anything.” I, myself, have not encountered any of these issues with my 4 Xboxes. However, now there is this narrative that the Xboxes are just as faulty as the PS5s and I do not really see that. Just from my friend circle (anecdotal), about 6 out 7 people who bought the PS5 are experiencing some issues whereas the 12 that bought Xboxes have not.

What’s more concerning is that the issues with the PS5 seem pretty serious, yet no one (big media) is reporting on it, which is a bit hypocritical since they were all over the Xbox Series X vaping story. While I understand social media magnifies issues, the number of people facing the same issues is alarming.

Are you guys personally experiencing any issues with your PS5/Xbox?


It does seem som ps5 has more hardware related issues

This is to be expected imo since ps5 has a more complex cooling solution with dynamic clocks that really procent och push the silicon to its limits It is cheaper to produce because of this too

Basically Xbox has more expensive chips that dont need to be pushed as hard and the cooling solution is more simple and stable because of that and the smart form factor

So yeah - ps5 SHOULD have more hw issues, and going by reports it does indeed seem to be the case


Even the controller (dualsense) seems to be causing some issues, I wonder what is going on.

Have you seen the reports of odd discoloration on the side panels at the center? What do you think it is?

I understand the PS% is more “exotic” but should it really have these many issues? Especially for a console rumored to originally have a 2019 release?

Gibo on Twitter: “Absolutely fuming. Stain on my ps5 don’t no what the fuck it is, little brown mark whiped it and it’s gone worse” / Twitter


Imo that looks like some kind of discoloration when plastic is strained/bent

Perhaps strain is put on that specific area by its design

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I haven’t had one issue with XSX. The PS5 stuff is wierd as hell. Very difficult to tell how widespread it is though.


I thought so too, until other people started reporting it.

Dee Batch and Gavin Stevens are reporting the same issue. There are some reddit post inquiring about it as well. The strange color is also on the inside of the panels. It is always in the same spot.

I’ve seen the plate discoloration issue mentioned elsewhere (for instance, here:, but I’m not sure what to think of it yet. Just like the Xbox vaping videos, this is easily faked, but if it’s real, I guess that we’ll be hearing more about it soon.

As for DualSense issues, I must say that I haven’t seen any reports, but it wouldn’t surprise me. The more tech and moving parts the thing packs, the more likely it is to be plagued by various hardware issues. I love what Sony have done with the controller (apart from stubbornly sticking to the symmetrical stick layout), but out of the three things that have worried me about it, two have already come true. One, it’s more expensive (although I’d say that a $10 difference is not so bad), and two, the battery life is apparently pretty bad (at best, it seems to be on par with DS4, but that was bad already, compared to what I’m used to with my Eneloops). I’m fully expecting the third problem, compromised durability, to materialize over time as well.

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My PS5 has some annoying coil whine that is audible when I play games with lower volume (which I tend to do because of a sleeping newborn). My XSX arrives on Tuesday and I hope it’s actually quiet like the PS5 was advertised to be.

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My Series X has shut itself down twice, once when attempting to wake it up (it may have already been fully shut down) and once while browsing the store. While it was mildly concerning each time, the incidents were separated by days and appear to be isolated situations. Other than that, I’ve experienced no notable issues.

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I have seen reports of bad coil whine and fan noises. The Series X is dead silent, it’s so quiet its scary.

I’m not sure what comparison was made for the PS5 noise levels because it’s definite quieter than my PS4 but not like my One X or Series X|S.

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It’s easy to look an anecdotal reports and make them fit a narrative you prefer.

Broken consoles and the like - I have no idea. From hearing others experience though I do think the PS5 is a pain to use. Issues with double installing games. difficulty running the right version, hard drive repairing itself etc…sounds a bit like a messy OS to me. Of course as you say this won’t be talked about. Doesn’t fit the wider narrative.


I had an issue with AC:V crashing but that’s about it.

I’ve not had any issues with my Series X and played a lot since launch, I have about 20 hours or more logged on AC:V alone. I’m even using Alpha Skip ahead ring of preview firmware which should be the buggiest.


So far I don’t have problems with my Series X.

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The only “issues” I see people reporting on SX is that sometimes a game fails to open and take a few tries or quick resume not picking up the game.


I’ve got two at home. Only “issue” I’ve encountered Is that installing Minecraft causes the install to fail at about 30% each time I install it, but it completes when the install is restarted. It’s like that on both consoles and we did it multiple times. But it’s more an early adopter oddity.

Other then the standard Quick Resume stuff we’re all working through of course


You’re right, I know others have said it is because the PS5 has sold more, but I don’t think that is necessarily true.

It’s to the point where some reviewers are on their second PS5, yet so far, I can’t say the same for the Xboxes.

The media needs to report these ongoing issues like they did VapeGate for the Xbox Series X


My view is the media are relatively even handed but your experience is heavily weighted by how things are blown up by console warriors on social media. Issues with PS5 have been reported but because there aren’t thousands of rabid fanboy accounts spamming the negative PS5 news it doesn’t register as a thing so much.

Xbox fans mainly seem to focus on Xbox and I find it sad that it doesn’t seem to be like that the other way round.


The only issues i have with my Series X is Quick Resume does not always work and sometimes the disc makes loud noises. Nothing to worry.

Quirks, unfinished software etc. is to be expected on launch, especially in a global pandemic like this year. You have to deal with that if you are an early adopter. The hardware failures seem not out of the ordinary. Still sucks if you got a bad one.

Oh, and I’m in alpha skip ahead, so I like to live dangerously :man_shrugging:


So far, the only issue I’ve had are (were) repeated auto-attempts to install an update for Rocket League, over several days. That was on my external HDD so to save that from a quick death, I’ve uninstalled it for now.

Haven’t tried the disk drive yet…not sure I want to at this rate. :upside_down_face:

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