Musings on Rare's Everwild

Our World has a rhythm. We all sense it, but only a few truly feel it.

So I am sure almost every single person saw the recent Everwild: Eternals trailer and blew their socks off with how gorgeous its presentation was, from the character and creature design to the art style to the music to the whole atmosphere they’re going for. Personally, the second trailer looks far superior in its art direction compared to the XO19 reveal, which was gorgeous in its own way, but was distinctly flatter in its approach to colors and design.

For one, I’m actually confident the game shall look very similar both in art direction and fidelity to this cinematic as Rare seems to have the sort of technical wizardry to pull off stylised, high fidelity NPR (non-photorealistic rendering) as proven by Sea of Thieves.

Now that I’ve mentioned that, I am ALSO sure that every single person came out of that presentation knowing absolutely nothing about how the game shall play. Turns out Rare shares our sentiment, as they reported to have been “still playing with ideas” for what the game shall actually be.

So I wanted to dedicate this thread to start a conversation about what we think the game could be at several levels:

  1. Is it a Co-op game? This is the most common extrapolation given what we’ve seen in both the trailers.

  2. If so, is it live service or a one and done experience, something akin to RPGs that have tons of content by design right from the start and simply have a concrete ending to the game, something akin to the Witcher 3? I personally believe it’s gonna be the former because Xbox just seems to want to make everything live service if they can, makes sense given their Game Pass mission, but I’d personally hope it’s more of the latter, Sea of Thieves already acts as Rare’s live service, would be a shame for a SoT player to start having to split his/her time between two live service games now.

  3. What do you suspect shall the world design be/hope to be, Linear or Open-world? I suspect it’s the latter. If so, what innovations do you hope this game brings to that design? I’m sure we’re all tired of “go and pick the flowers and bring it to me” and “you could actually just start this mission right now but sadly you need my sister’s permission and she’s half way across the map” tropes.

  4. If co-op, what limit of characters? Splitscreen? Online and Couch? Can it be played completely solo?

  5. In what ways could or should they approach their whole natural preservation shtick with this? I’m personally all on-board for it, but hope it doesn’t try to hammer in arbitrary tropes and does something original.

  6. The creatures seem highly expressive, varied and capable of sharing deep bonds with the characters. Could we name these beasts? Shall all of them have to be tamed through a mechanic, ala Pokeballs in Pokemon games? Just as a side, what was your favorite creature shown? It’s super hard to pick for me, all of them looked extremely unique and expressive, but I think I shall have to go with the “mascot” beast that is the Flower Antler Deer, but if I had to choose something less obvious, I’d go with the Tree Hugging Doggo lol

  7. In general, to sum it up, what do you want the mechanical core of this game to be?

  8. Lastly, when the hell could this game release?

I shall be updating this post with new information as it comes and suggested questions that you guys could also provide that could be relevant and add to the discussion. Cheers!

UPDATE 1: Sept 8th 2020

Everwild Eternals: Director’s Commentary video revealed with concept art and new details on characters and world.

  • The people you see in the trailers are named “Eternals” as implied in the title of the trailer.

  • Eternals are a deeply ritualistic culture who share (or strive to) deep bonds with the animals in the world

  • The deer creature being nicknamed on Reddit as “Bloom Deer” acknowledged by the devs, playing central role in both the trailers.

  • The bat creature relies on Eternals to get help in its hunting while it helps them learn more about the world and objects in it, showing symbiotic relationships being possible between the people and creatures in the game.

  • The Doggo looking creature is based on the Elephant, which takes down trees with its tail, much akin to elephants doing the same with their trunks.

  • The frog like creature represents species that have other living things in their bodies, maybe just living there or being looked after like marsupials but exact reason in this creature’s case remains a mystery to be explored later.

  • The circling around the tree scene represents a core narrative beat: These trees are in danger from this big locust attack-like event and Eternals use their rituals to protect them from it.

  • The markings of the Deer Spirit on the wall represents a world with history and past cultures having come in contact with said spirits and possibly shared similar relationships.

  • The Bloom deer healing involves a dance-like ritual around an altar, which upon success brings forth a mysterious Spirit, a sort of a Deer God entity if you may.

No details on gameplay at the moment, hope to see that sometime soon rather than later, but this game is gearing up to be that Princess Mononoke + Avatar: Last Airbender experience we never knew we wanted!


I’m in for whatever Rare are working on.

With continued support for SoT, the impending release of whatever Everwild actually is and more Rare Presents… like Battletoads (hint hint nudge nudge KI, PD and Banjo).

Rare are back, baby!

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  1. It is most likely a co-op game, but can be played by yourself.
  2. It’s not live service like :hoarder:, more likely it will be like a :sod: 2 where people join each others worlds.
  3. Open like :hoarder:
  4. Online co-op
  5. Like :vp:
  6. Like :vp:

I am personally hoping for a co op adventure game. :slight_smile:

From their first trailer I got major princess monoke vibes too.

same, for me it’s a combination of Mononoke no Hime and The Last Airbender, it’s probably the big doggo in this game that triggered that familiarity to Appa from TLA, but a lot of others seem to notice that similarity as well. Princess Mononoke was surprisingly very dark and mature, something pop culture attributes the opposite of to Ghibli movies with its bright palettes and lush sceneries So I think Everwild could have a dark undertone as by bringing up natural preservation and healing, it has to tackle big sensitive topics in a mature way.

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I think it’s going to be Sea of Thieves in a forest.

I hope they figure out some interesting gameplay mechanics how to interact with the creatures we’ve seen in the trailer. The first trailer also had an angry animal, so I wonder how black/white this game will get.

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Who did the music in the trailer hopefully that music is in the game

I expect it to be from Robin Beanland, just like the Sea of Thieves score.

Rare for sure will deliver something special, I hope tho it is a deep RPG.

I think from a mechanical standpoint, it could definitely have similarities but I just don’t see PvP being a thing in this game unless they start adding some warring tribes and shit. I think it’ll largely be PvE, with shared world elements.

It’s a strand game I think in that you don’t really combat other players or even the world for that matter. It looks like you are a mystic tending to a magical land and it’s creatures

I didn’t say PvP, I simply mean that it will be a huge world inhabited by players where you can go adventuring together. I don’t think you’ll be attacking other players or anything. I just hope it has a single-player campaign.

lol just imagine if Kojima collaborated on this

ahh that makes sense, just that I thought PvP was such a core focus for SoT that it bleeding into this game wouldn’t be nice, but yeah an adventure game in the vein of Journey or Abzu with a deeper mechanical core ensuring tons of content, but even if it’s a smaller game, I don’t mind it at all. My favorite game this past decade is Inside, and that game lasted 2 hours. I get how this game just can’t be that small, but just going by the production values expected of a first party that too something so far away, I think a more contained, denser world with lots of things to do would be great. Hopefully, it does not fall into the trap of being a shallow, “look at the grass” simulator at the end of the day.

I really wonder how far in development this thing is. I expected it to be further along than it seemingly is. Would fall 2021 be off the table and should we expect it early 2022?

2022 could be a busy year for Microsoft… haha.

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Was the trailer from the july conference cgi or xsx in engine?

not sure, but I suspect there’s good reason to believe the game shall have that level of fidelity and look very similar based on what I mentioned in the main post.