Will Everwild be a new Game Changer?

I wanted to offer you my analysis of the Everwild trailers and share some information about the game and the world that Rare is creating.

I see a lot of them wondering about what Everwild really is, I don’t pretend to know everything about the game but I think that the 2 trailers can already give us elements to understand the concept of this innovative game as was Sea of Thieves.

Here we are now going to analyze the first Trailer.

Foreground: We see a vast, magnificent world, populated by living creatures, a dreamlike atmosphere emerges.

Presence of Coop or Multiplayer in a shared world like Sea of Thieves. We also see flying fauna and a lot of verticality in the landscapes.

We notice a lot the presence of baby creatures … will the creatures be able to reproduce as in Minecraft / Viva Pinata and grow old? babies are also seen suckling their mother, the species of salamander keeps its young in its mouth.

We also see that there are hostile creatures capable of chasing other creatures. We can also notice mechanisms of discretion.

We can see here that the creatures will be fearful but that it will be possible to tame them as well as to put loads on their backs or to mount them.

We will now be able to move on to the 2nd Trailer.

We see that it will be possible to harvest fruit and cook.

We see that there can be natural disasters such as rock slides a bit like Sea of Thieves with volcanoes, the environment itself is hostile. We also see that we can appease the creatures.

Looks like we’re going to be able to revive a leafless tree or heal a weak, sick or injured creature with magical rituals.

We see that the creatures we tame may have abilities to progress through the Open World.

You may need to meditate to recharge your mana / magic.

Like Sea of Thieves Everwild seems to have an Environmental Lore with stories of gods / spirits.

In this video we learn that there is a swarm of insects devouring the world and the Eternals must save it.

i also found some new creature designs on the discord with some info but they have since been deleted i couldn’t verify.

Reaper roos

Small pests that work in pairs to steal crops and farm grasses, cutting them off with their long claws. They then return to their colony and store the goods in a pantry.

No info for this.

This is all I can share at the moment of the concept of Everwild, I think it is an evolution of Viva Pinata, to maintain the fauna, to help nature in a dynamic and very organic world, I don’t think there will be PVP like Sea of Thieves, I don’t think there will be weapons I am thinking of a new kind of god game where we have to maintain the world.


Im going to be totally honest nobody knows a soul what this game is about or what is there to do (not even Rare knew) and proof that it was rebooted should be enough lol so aside from art direction there isnt anything to take from the trailers.

Also dont know what you are implying with the title.


I’ve loved the two trailers (the second one even more so), in fact had made a whole ass OT about what we’d like Everwild to be and what it could actually be, etc back in the day and was updating everything on the regular, but I have lost all hype for the game right now. All this interpretation of what the trailers showed us presume the game will in many ways be the same, even conceptually. Like the game lost its creative director this early in its development (which is better than losing it later for sure), and Gregg Mayles is now heading it, it’s likely it’ll be a very different game from what we expect. I hope it’ll be something as grand as the July 2020 Eternals trailer showcased the world and creatures to be. Also, of course, be a video game at the core in the first place. Quite simply, the game was revealed way too soon.

Impossible to say yet. But I’m hopeful.

The game has not been rebooted these are words too extreme according to Matt Booty. Also I don’t think the game has changed direction we have seen some merchandesign at Rare posted in August 2021 with the same creature designs. We don’t reboot when one person decides to leave, they just called Gregg Mayles because he’s the best and oldest Game Designer at Rare and he can probably expand the possibilities even further.

Here’s the thread I’d made about the game back in August of Last year.

Reboot is the closest word to describe what has happened to it . They are going to use the same assets but are going to completely change the game mechanics (if there were any before lol ) .

By direction, I mean creatively, like game design too, not necessarily the creatures and stuff cuz I’d hate if that aspect got lost, cuz that was already solid.

And yea Gregg Mayles is very talented, he was involved in making Viva Pinata so I’m sure the game is in very good hands.

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Whatever Everwild is, I really hope it’s not something that you have to play with your friends to enjoy.


first step: become a game

second step: become a game changer

I’m very hopeful for the first step :+1: I like to see more (big budget) games with no combat (?) and a more friendly environment.

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na fuck that man . Co-op only ! LETS FUCKING GOOOO !


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Everwild is absolutely one of my most anticipated games…but I want Rare to take the time to NAIL it, especially for launch. Rare’s launch of Sea of Thieves is not the framework I want for Everwild. Yes, SoT has grown immensely since 2018, but I hope for a much better first impression (at launch) for this game. The trailers have been beautiful, no doubt…but we need to see the gameplay come to a satisfying point, too.

A bit of context about me - I’m a vegan (8+ years now), I regularly support organizations such as PETA/ASPCA/WWF/etc. and in terms of media, some of my favorite childhood movies were Ferngully and Princess Mononoke. The biggest thing that competes for my gaming time is walks/hikes with my two dogs. The natural world is very important to me, and I’m super excited about a game that can help highlight the connections we have with it. I’m one of those “I really doubt we’ll be around in 50 years” kind of people.

Everwild already means a lot to me, and I hope for the best in its development and release.


Co-op is like FromSoft games to me. Great concepts, worlds and combat stuff that I WANT to play but are just inaccessible to me. For Souls games it’s the difficulty, and for co-op it’s the lack of friends to play with and my general shyness stopping me from playing with LFG strangers.

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funny because co-op never works in fromsoft games :phil_lmao:

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And it’s what everyone tells me to do when I tell them I can’t play them because they’re hard lol

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But thats what occured … it got rebooted and Matt Booty isnt gonna come and say something to paint the game in a negative light or Rare lol.

They were struggling with what the game wanted to be to the point that nobody could ever explain the game, the creative director left and another director has come in to restart the project using all the assets that are already there so its not all a waste. So saying its not been rebooted isnt true.

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dont look at me calum scott GIF by Music Choice

Imagine if Rare was owned by Square Enix . " Yea Rare was a wrong choice for that game . They fucked up . " :phil_lmao:

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As long as Everwild ain’t a survival game or has the same level of solo play as SoT It can be whatever to me.

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I’m getting the feeling it’s gonna have resource, world / social management stuff, which is stuff I can enjoy just let me do it on my own.