Everwild Eternals Trailer - Director's Commentary

The music is just beautiful.


Can we take a moment how beautiful this game looks? You can tell they want to show more but are not ready to do yet. MUCH LOVE TO RARE.


The characters we see in the game are called eternals. They refer to them as the player characters. At one point Louise says about one: ‘‘He’s the oldest eternal’’ alluding that these are not player made characters.


I get the feeling there will be no killing things in this game


Inject this game into my veins already :sob:

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This games looks sooo good. Just please don’t be a GaaS game. A single player experience with coop elements like Fable 2+3. That’s all I want.


I’d prepare for GaaS. It’s Rare, and everything appears to follow the SoT model

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Sounds like just maybe MS’s marketing is finally starting…


It’s looks like Rare is always riding on the newest plan from Microsoft. First the focus on kinect games and now on GaaS. At least they make good games like Sea of Thieves.

Better to expect a coop focus.

They do it because they want to.

This game is mind-blowingly stunning. I don’t know how many times I’ve watched this trailer now and it always leaves me with slack-jawed and slightly emotional. Can’t wait to see more


Watched the commentary. All what I expect is a beautiful game with a relaxing flow from what I see

Stunning game.

All the new details condensed in this one post below :slight_smile:

Everwild Eternals: Director’s Commentary video revealed with concept art and new details on characters and world.

  • The people you see in the trailers are named “Eternals” as implied in the title of the trailer.

  • Eternals are a deeply ritualistic culture who share (or strive to) deep bonds with the animals in the world

  • The deer creature being nicknamed on Reddit as “Bloom Deer” acknowledged by the devs, playing central role in both the trailers.

  • The bat creature relies on Eternals to get help in its hunting while it helps them learn more about the world and objects in it, showing symbiotic relationships being possible between the people and creatures in the game.

  • The Doggo looking creature is based on the Elephant, which takes down trees with its tail, much akin to elephants doing the same with their trunks.

  • The frog like creature represents species that have other living things in their bodies, maybe just living there or being looked after like marsupials but exact reason in this creature’s case remains a mystery to be explored later.

  • The circling around the tree scene represents a core narrative beat: These trees are in danger from this big locust attack-like event and Eternals use their rituals to protect them from it.

  • The markings of the Deer Spirit on the wall represents a world with history and past cultures having come in contact with said spirits and possibly shared similar relationships.

  • The Bloom deer healing involves a dance-like ritual around an altar, which upon success brings forth a mysterious Spirit, a sort of a Deer God entity if you may.

No details on gameplay at the moment, hope to see that sometime soon rather than later, but this game is gearing up to be that Princess Mononoke + Avatar: Last Airbender experience we never knew we wanted!


Its seems this and horizon 2 have similar themes, where some kind of plague is destroying nature.

yeah, that’s what came to my mind immediately as well, but tbh that’s a rather very common trope to see to begin with. You could argue even Ori WOTW had a similar theme, but I guess these start having distinctions at a deeper stage.

I bet its in the next avatar movies lol

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100% the Tree of Life #2456990 gonna play a huge role in a movie again… and again… and again.