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Expected utter garbage. But instead had a great time watching this. Great CGI, fun story, I mean don’t go expecting state of the art writing, you know? The Rock does his thing, the acting overall is fine. Most importantly we get to see huge ass creatures fucking shit up and the human story is kept to a minimum. As it should.

Where the Godzilla reboot and also King of the Monsters failed, this one succeeds. Genuinely find it way more entertaining than those two movies.

Also started watching Miami Vice. I watched this back in the day when I was younger, but never saw it all. It’s still damn good. That 80s Miami vibe will never get old and Crockett and Tubbs are just bad asses!

when i watched it i did not know it was a video game first so it was a fun romp for me and like a proto king kong movie in a way

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Proto? :slight_smile:

Went to see the movie Knox goes Away last Tuesday. Michael Keaton is fantastic in this. I had zero knowledge of the movie, and that adds a lot. Highly recommend to not watch a single trailer.

Yesterday I went to Garfield with my nephew. Fun movie. I really wanted to love it though. It worked great in the scenes that take place at home with Jon, those were taken straight from the comics. But the movie has a general story too and for some reason it didn’t click with me as much as the scenes inside the house.

Still, fun movie!

Is their two versions of Civil war released ? One more graphic than the other. Colleague reckons the ‘car wash’ scene for example is more graphic in one version

Not that I know of, at least not in The Netherlands.

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I watched Knox goes away tonight mate, bloody brilliant. Refreshing to see a well made suspense thriller type these days. Your recommendations seem to match my tastes. Keep em coming !

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Will do, friend.

Both movies and shows? :slight_smile:

As for Knox goes Away. This is such a good example of how it is good to not watch every single movie trailer. A lot of these trailers spoil stuff that will lessen the impact when you watch it.

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Kingdom of the planet of the Apes

I had zero expectations for this, felt it was very unnecessary to make another one. Trailer looked alright but I wasn’t convinced. Went to see it today without having seen any opinions, reviews or whatsoever on it, which is refreshing since that can absolutely change the way you go into a movie.

Pleasantly surprised. I really liked it. The new apes are great and likeable, even if the full on English speaking took some getting used to for me. Freya Allen is nice as well. Nice enough story, fantastic CGI and beautiful locations.

Nice, when such surprises happen.


So excited for this, I just hope it doesn’t tarnish the main series before the 3rd film next year.


I had no idea they’re making a 3rd one. The prequel’s looking good from what we’ve seen so far, so fingers crossed.

As for the new LoTR, it sounds like a poor premise to be honest, but I hope it’s great. Andy Serkis is awesome and deserves all the flowers.

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But apparently a proper sequel to part two is not doing well, or it’s existence is in question from what I read. Hope it picks up.

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Yeah I’m not sure about LoTR yet, as you say the premise is not what I was expecting from another film.

Really, that’s a shame. The first two are fantastic. There’s no information on IMDb yet:



Is that where they go looking for the Video Game?


Just finished Twisted Metal.

Having never played the games, I thought the first half was fun enough, in a cheesy b-movie kinda way. But then it gets inexplicably boring for a bit, before getting dumber with every episode.

Overall it’s just about passable and I’ll give it a 6/10. I can certainly see some potential for future seasons. But the writing (and some of the acting) really needs to improve.

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I had my nephew over last weekend and since his father had a extra ticket for the cinema we went to see Kingdom of the planet of the Apes and IF.

I had seen Apes very recently, but I loved it just as much. The CGI is just insane and it’s criminal that these movies have not won any awards for best effect. The Apes looks so damn good, wow. And the new protagonist Noah is very cool. Apparently they have NINE movies planned, sheesh.

IF was really nice too and quite heartfelt at moments, great for kids but for adults as well, absolutely!

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I finished Fallout last week. I enjoyed it. I started the new Shogun yesterday, saw 1 episode. It’s pretty good

Furiosa is scoring nicely! It doesn’t necessarily mean I will love it to bits too. After all the media destroyed Godzilla X Kong and I loved it.

But Anya Taylor Joy is great, trailer looked good. Hell, Hemsworth as villain actually seems to work too in that trailer.

Just saw this in the cinema. A drama comedy and very heartfelt. Had no idea what this was gonna be, because my cinema on (almost) every Tuesday has a sneak preview. Really liked it.

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