Movies and TV shows thread

The wife and I really enjoyed Ted Lasso and Hijack too.

Foundation was also pretty special, I can’t wait for season 3!!


Yeah, for sure. The human story is done so much better in the show compared to the movies. I wish the movies were this interesting in terms of story.

But when it comes down to giant monsters kicking ass, Godzilla X Kong The new Empire is just tons of fun. I went to see it last week, expecting utter garbage based on RT, and I ended up having a great time. This movie maker understood his assignment, make a fun ass movie. Where we get plenty of monster scenes, thank God, and even the humans didn’t annoy me this time.

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Have you watched Godzilla Minus One yet?


Yeah the movies are for the action and spectacle, TV for character and storytelling, both sevre a purpose.

As much as I hate Apple, especially at the moment, Apple TV+ has an incredible amount of great content - Foundation is just one of those examples (unbelievably stellar). Silo, Ted Lasso, Severance, For All Mankind, and Slow Horses (there’s a reason it’s the only time Gary Oldman has done a tv series, absolutely love this show), and Shrinking are my personal highlights on top of that.

I loved Bad Sisters’ cast but found the ultimate “payoff” a bit underwhelming and don’t get me started on how frustrating some of the pacing/plot is - though I was happy to see some of my favorite up-and-coming actors from the fatherland making it big.

Plenty of great Apple-funded movies too, would happy to provide some reqs.

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I don’t know if it counts for Apple but obviously Killers of the Flower Moon was incredible. I liked Greyhound because of course a WW2 production is always gonna be appreciated and I loved it’s anchor point it was like a single pov Dunkirk, another one I liked was The Banker. I honestly didn’t like CODA much, idk.

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i dont see it. Is it a US thing?

Just open the app on Xbox and you’ll get the promo screen.

Absolutely! As soon as it entered cinemas here, it was great. The crazy thing is, it has only been in the cinemas for a few days and it was gone.

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I feel exactly the same way :joy:. It’s frustrating how good their TV service is.

Slow Horses was also marvellous, it’s probably the fastest the wife and I have binged a show. Gary Oldman was magnificent.

Bad Sisters is still on our watchlist.

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My brother already has Apple+ and we do share GPU. Can he give me this or doesn’t it work that way? Is it a code?

Just open the Apple TV app on Xbox and you’ll get the promo, it’s not shareable and it’s tied to the console or account not sure

My brother is the primary account this time around so I guess it’s not gonna happen for me. Ah well. There are other ways to see all that content. :grin:

Just try and open the app with a different Xbox account and see

Binging Shōgun now that it’s all out. Man, it’s so good.

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When you’re done, I can’t wait to nerd out with you; I liked the new show more than the original, which was fantastic for the time. You can really tell this was a show made by a majority-Japanese crew - I studied at a Japanese school for a couple years and history was a decent chunk of that. The authenticity, down to using proper conjugation for that era, and care for the book just makes this show an instant classic for me.

Also, as someone who considers The Last Samurai one of his favorite movies (see above), I can’t say how much I’m a fan of Hiroyuki Sanada, dude’s a legend.


Watched Challengers earlier today, loved it. Luca does some really unique stuff with certain shot set ups as well. Zendaya blew me away and the other 2 leads were awesome too.

Might be my favourite movie from him and easily is one of Trent/Atticus’s best work on an OST.

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Yeah, one of the best produced shows I’ve seen to be honest. Simply a visual treat, and the authenticity comes through every scene.

I did not like the ending much, but do get why it was done that way.

That’s high praise! Puts the film higher on priority list for sure, love those two.

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Well it seems Netflix got bored waiting and made their own sequel to Titanfall :stuck_out_tongue: