Movies and TV shows thread

Now you’re talking my language, my friend! MJ forever, hardcore fan right here. :slight_smile: I remember watching the MTV Michael weekends where they’d show Thriller and the Bad Tour so much, what a time.

Thriller will always be amazing too, it took my nephew a while before they could see it, haha. Which I get, the vibe in that short film is just eerie and the makeup still holds up, crazy.

I look forward to the biopic too.

As for Cage. I like how he just chooses to be in whatever movie he wants, sometimes not so great like Sympathy for the Devil, but the one with Pedro Pascal was a great time.

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Ah man, same here! Did you ever get to see him live?

I was hoping to go see him on tour before he passed, my sister had tickets but he died a few weeks before :pensive:. I ended up going to the London O2 exhibition shortly after instead but it’s not comparable.

Yeah Cage just seems to do want he wants these days, it must be nice to have that flexibility.

I have seen him during the HIStory tour in Amsterdam with my father. I actually skipped school that day to go with my number one hero to my other hero. We were seated so I had to use binoculars to zoom in on the big screens to see him better because he himself was very small, we were seated that far away.

Amazing experience!

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That’s awesome! I was a bit on the young side during the HIStory tour and as my parents had me late in life they were more into Cliff Richards than MJ :rofl: :person_facepalming:. It must have been amazing though - very jealous!

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One friend of mine actually experienced the Dangerous tour as well and another one even the BAD Tour, absolutely superb!

My father back in 2009 managed to get tickets for This is It and then yeah…that news happened. I hate it so much how the man didn’t even get to perform at least one last time, at least ONE show of This is It. Damn.

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I think what Kojima is saying is that the big screen experience isn’t able to be matched by small screen experiences as typified by streamed video being available on anything from a TV down to a phone. And when he talks about streaming services spreading, I assume he’s referring to streaming services being considered a serious option for film fans to experience movies. There’s been an increase in the number of films that have been funded by streaming services that have played at cinemas, essentially as a way of qualifying for awards and the legitimacy that those accolades bring. And I think that what Kojima is saying is that while you may have access to movies that are nominated for awards and feature big name actors - you can’t really consider having experienced those films unless you see them in the cinema.

I would tend to agree, I was recently talking to a friend about the impact of a special effect shot from a film I saw at the cinema and the same shot being seen at home afterwards and the scale is part of it, simple as that.

I know that Blu-ray enthusiasts like yourself are very passionate, but I don’t think Kojima is talking about Bitrates and mastering, so much as the spectacle and scale.

I know Kojima is talking about the grand cinema experience, and what I want is for home releases to try to be as close to a cinema experience at home as possible, one way that is neglected is in IMAX movies where a lot of the time they only release the standard ar on BluRay and the IMAX gets lost to time (Mission Impossible GP for example), or have psuedo-IMAX exclusive to streaming, but not even that they always do.

Yeah, I know that’s what you’re aiming at. But it’s kinda unrelated to what he’s saying.

Either way, I hope you get the things you’re after.

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The 1994 Brandon Lee version will always be the OG! :wink:


Years ago when we only had DVD I bought two box sets of The Dead Zone, never finished them. So I started with it again, it’s still great. This time I’m finishing all the seasons.

In the cinema today I saw Asphalt City, it’s with Sean Penn and a younger actor who plays really good too. It’s basically about two paramedics and what their job looks like. It felt very realistic, gritty and gloomy and I guess I’ve a new found respect for people in that profession.

Tye Sheridan is the younger lad.

I wish movies like this came to the cinema in Oz, its atrocious what gets released here every week. Crap sad city drama comedies, constant dc or marvel stuff… gone are the days of a rock solid movie, heck a story !

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3 Body Problem is really good… mostly. It’s so David & Dan, get an ambitious adaptation off the ground impressively well, the highs are incredibly high, but then some absolutely horrible stuff in between that you question if it was even the same writers, but mostly, it’s really good so far especially considering how weird the story gets, they did a good job.

I binged 3 Body Problem the first weekend it was out and loved it. The characters were all well done and a lot to get you thinking. I’m debating on whether I should read the books or not at this point.

Have to shoutout Tokyo Vice as well. S1 was a solid start, but this season has been a great follow-up.

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Damn, that sucks man. And that’s the only theatre there? We got a few cinema theatres here and the one I have a sub to has most of the movies. There are those times that a certain movie isn’t there like The Lighthouse and then it’s just a matter of waiting for it to appear on services/sites.

Ahhh their is two major cinema outlets here plus numerous smaller ones which would show more variety but r located in random one off spots. I guess every country does their own research and shows what they think is wanted. Cinemas are dying in Australia, expensive tickets, expensive food n drinks… and gone are the days of showing unique strong movies. Its all DC and Marvel one after the other, garbage.

The Lighthouse, with Defoe ? I thought that was a hard watch, very quaint.

Yeah, same here. I dig the setting, but I couldn’t really get into the movie overall.

Today I watched Ghostbusters : Frozen Empire. After seeing the audience score I was hopeful but sadly, not great. Except for a few scenes I actually found a lot boring.

Just saw Civil War in the cinema.

Powerful movie about a group of war-photographers during a civil war in the USA. One thing is for sure, I sure as hell would never make this my job. It might be a Hollywood movie, but you could have fooled me. Those movies often play it safe, not here, no. The acting is great all around too. Plenty of tense scenes and not a boring moment really.