Movies and TV shows thread

I just watched bullet train, i thought it was very good. Definitely worth a watch.


Watched it three times within one month last year, awesome movie indeed!

Last week watched Shazam : Fury of the Gods, it was alright but nowhere near as fun and enjoyable as the first one.

Today I saw 65, the sci-fi movie with Adam Driver. Also OK, nothing great.

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John Wick 4

Ah damn it man, I wanted to love this one, at least as much as 3. But I just don’t, unfortunately. Hard to put my finger on it, but I guess it’s the pacing at times for me, the action scenes are plenty but I liked them more in 3. For some reason I found the movie weirdly clean, I mean if you stab mofos left and right, shoot bullets into goons from close range too you’d expect suits to become bloodied, instead they all stay clean as hell, it looked off.

And I get it, this dude basically just can’t be killed, but at times it becomes too much, too ridiculous. At one point he lands on his back, I could swear I heard a crack and he just stands up and all is well. At so freaking many times do his enemies get the chance to just hit him, if not in limbs or stomach, then just the head, it’s becoming silly for me after a while. But that could just be me.

Thought some more about it and yeah, that’s my beef with the movie. John Wick never was a realistic movie, it was over the top but this goes way beyond over the top. It hurts the suspense since this dude is basically Superman at this point, not good. At least show he’s still vurnerable too, ya know.


I feel like a bit of quality has been lost with each movie but it seems I am ultra rare specimen with that thought >:3 (completely agree with how ridiculous has gotten) still, gonna watch them next week.


Its probably with star wars the franchises that have been more hurt in history (Saint seiya is far more extreme though).