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same here but my expectations were very high so I cant blame the show for that .

Theres a few different options buried in the menus, with HDMI CEC and how soon it goes to screensaver mode etc. Been a while since I toyed around with mine so dont recall exact location.

Also, if you’re looking for a more streamlined interface you can set it to Apps-Only mode. That removes the deeper content suggestions. The only hassle with App Only is you cant directly add Apps, you have to enable full and then you can search the play store and add apps. Stupid of Google and very deliberate to drive people away from App Only mode.

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I’ve been looking for the screensaver, is that what they call Ambient Mode? Today I noticed after it had been idle for a while that background photos were being shown, and every few minutes it would change to a different photo, that’s good to have against burn in, since I’m not using Xbox for apps anymore. But strangely now it doesn’t seem to kick in anymore.

In the system > power and energy I have “turn display off” disabled, because I don’t want it to turn my TV off. But the screensaver should still kick in, right?

I also can’t find the app only setting, I thought maybe it’s in the app section in the settings but nope. Hmmm.

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Aaah, I see. I did not check the account section. I’ll look into this tomorrow.

So far I think it’s a great device and maybe it’s just placebo effect but it seems picture quality Netflix is just better looking than the Xbox app. I’ve seen this been said on AVS forums before, didn’t believe it, but it does seem like it’s true.

I have the last 3 episodes to go, and I understand how some may be slightly turned off by the direction it’s taking in the middle there. Looking forward to the rest of the first part of the journey.

Andor was such a great series. The writing was absolutely marvelous all the way throughout, but especially shined during the finale speech segment. Perhaps the best dystopia series ever. It stood on its own.

Even if you hate Star Wars, watch it. This is not part of the typical Star Wars universe of Jedis and The Force.


Ive never watched anything Star Wars so can I watch it ?

Anyone here watch Into the Badlands?

Absolutely. No knowledge of Star Wars needed to watch and enjoy.

It didn’t quite live up to its potential. Had some interesting ideas, some alright choreographed fights, but felt hampered by being on cable network (AMC). One of those tv series situations where they should have kept a story lean and on track to finish well within 16 episodes instead of being cancelled after 32 and not quite finished.

Hell on Wheels was a much better tv series on AMC than Into the Badlands. Entirely different setting, the wild west, but better production all around.

If you’re looking for a series with martial arts in it, Warrior is great. However it contains adult content and themes, which I know isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I loved how they handled foreign language portions. The first few sentences were in the other language with subtitles and then faded into English, so it wasn’t subtitle heavy.

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It’s good to know that my first impression, after the pilot seems correct then. Something feels off right off the bat. But on IMDB I saw tons of praise so I thought I’d at least check the pilot.

Hell on Wheels, oh yes. I watched several seasons years ago, very good. I never finished it but I definitely should. Warrior is something I’ll go check out. I just stumbled upon Into the Badlands on Prime via the “leaving soon” section. That section is so handy, Netflix really already should be going for that option too, not only per show/movie.

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4 episodes in now and I’m enjoying it. Good acting, Halsey especially is great. John so far I find so so, Pablo seems a bit generic, almost boring to me. Even after he’s pulled out the thing that should make him more human, he’s still acting the same.

Also, can he just stop taking off his helmet every goddamn chance he gets? I’m starting to wonder what the point of the helmet even is when he just takes it off so much. It might seem minor to people who aren’t familiar with the games but it’s definitely starting to bother me now. Wish it had been like The Mandalorian which (for me where I’m at in the show) he never takes it off. In the games it never happens and the cutscenes are fine.

In the part where he’s inside his old house we sometimes see it cut to his face inside the helmet, ala Iron Man. More of that please would be better. When he took it off in the pilot I was afraid where this would go and so far it seems to be the case.

Can I just have Chief 100% in looks and have him taking names and blasting fools a little more? We’ll see where it goes. I do think the story is interesting but yeah, more Chief as a whole please.

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Managed to get round to watching the final episode of Andor and it was a fitting season finale.

It is easily up there with the best of Star Wars in my opinion and what makes it more impressive is that it is the type of show that just happens to be set in the Star Wars universe and doesn’t concern itself in getting bogged down with the decades of prior media.

I also liked how it shows that a lot dubious methods were used to get the Rebelion off the ground.


The Guardians of Galaxy Holiday Special was pretty good with a handful of really funny bits. Only 45 minutes long too.



Only saw the pilot but this is great stuff. Top quality acting, but that is to be expected. I think Costner is a great actor, but that goes for everyone else here too. Love the vibe, it really reminds me of RDR2 but of course a bit more modern. The music is lovely too.

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If you enjoy Yellowstone, give the series 1883 a watch. Is the story of how the early Duttons settled out west at the YellowStone ranch.

While neither one is quite Deadwood, they are exceptional in their production value, writing, and story telling. All 3 are must watch western series.

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I completed 1899. It is clearly inspired by one of my favorite TV shows of all time LOST, but unfortunately it doesn’t really cut it. I liked all of the performances, but the roll out of the mystery wasn’t good. I remember after LOST ended that the show Alcatraz was positioned as its spiritual successor. Alcatraz was canceled after season 1. 1899 is more like Alcatraz than LOST.

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Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio

Beautiful in so many ways. Amazing animation, great heartfelt story, gets dark in some bits and overall is just a movie with heart. Really, really liked it.

Yesterday I saw Violent Night in the cinema. David Harbour as Santa kicking criminal ass. Fun, nothing amazing, just fun.

Deadwood is awesome, another one I haven’t finished yet, but I really should. God I love that era in shows, movies and games. I will add 1883 to the list.

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