Movies and TV shows thread

I see.

From what I remember there was a lot of delay after each season, nearly 2 years between each one. I see it was cancelled after Season 3, because of “low viewership”. You can’t expect folks to remain attached when there’s long delays, practically 4 years from Season 1 to Season 3. Even less so when quality declines.

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Gotta say, this season of Westworld has turned things a round for me. Was pretty bland and emotionless the first few episodes, and even seemed kinda directionless

But it’s got some mojo back now. Been some really cool shit going these last few episodes

I watched Prey yesterday and frankly, I liked it a lot and much better than the last two parts that came out, with a big difference in favor of Prey. The film is balanced between the hunting power of the Predator and the humans. It gave me a feeling close to the first part

High recommend :+1:t4:

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After the break up I wonder if we’re gonna see Kim at all. In present time he tried to reach her by phone but we didn’t hear what he was saying and to who. I would find it unfortunate if we don’t see her at all anymore. I’d be very curious about her reaction seeing the new Saul. So whether that’s in BB time line or Gene I don’t care. But if no more Kim just like that…damn.


You know more? I am up to date with the show. :smiley:

Not that I want to know it, but just wondering why that smiley.

Started up the Netflix series The Sandman. Two episodes in and its looking good, high production quality, and has piqued my interest. Don’t sleep on this series.


Better call Saul season 6 episode 12

So glad they brought Kim back, and it’s crystal clear she doesn’t recognise Jimmy anymore. A bit sad how cold he was towards her, damn.

At first when they showed Kim as brunette with her new life I thought we would start to see a decline of her happiness, how her new job would become depressing and her longing for her life with Jimmy again, their con adventures. But nope. Not at all. She sure has a shit job compared to what she used to love to do, but I guess that line of work just isn’t for her anymore.

I do wonder how Jimmy is gonna end up. It might have seemed last week that he just wants to get caught, but it’s clear now that he doesn’t. So what is going to happen? Kim talk with Jesse was fun too.

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Jimmy’s end is going to be like Chuck’s , sad and pathetic .


Oh by the way…

What are some comedy movies that are fine to watch with a ten , almost eleven year old? My oldest nephew visits me in the weekend and we’d like to watch a movie. Could be animation too if there’s something good, or else comedy.

Last time he was here we watched Ace Ventura and that was fine, nothing too bad. But not everything by Jim Carrey is OK for a kid I think.

Home Alone ?

Better Call Saul is undeniably still elite TV. However, I don’t feel the cutt off between the break-up and the Gene timeline has been managed the best. Since Nippy, the pace and focus of the episodes took a noticeable turn, not that it’s not good or anything, but it doesn’t extend well to the overall season. It might have been better if the season was split between ‘Fun and Games’ and ‘Nippy’. There’s still one episode left, I could be proven wrong.

Good one! He’s seen it already though, but still.

Yeah agreed on all that.

Only one more hour they have for the show, unless the finale is longer. They can only do so much in an hour. I’m not really expecting anything surprising or shocking anymore. I really would have liked if the two did end up together but that seems extremely unlikely. Seeing how Kim definitely moved on and Jimmy…remains slippin Jimmy.

Can’t wait for whatever he makes next. I have a feeling it’s gonna be with Apple TV+.

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The little contrarian devil on my shoulder has been trying to tell me for over a week that no way…NO WAY am I going to like this. I don’t give a crap that it’s at a 92 on Rotten Tomatoes, I don’t care that word of mouth has been stellar. There is no flippin way someone finally made a good sequel/prequel to Predator

Welp, fuck on off little contrarian devil. PREY IS FRIGGIN TREMENDOUS!!!



It absolutely is! Catherine and I watched it last night, and it’s just so damn good. I’m a huge Predator nerd (comes with the Alien territory) and they did archaic-Predator so well - great atmosphere and setup. Coupled with a respectful and genuine Native American backdrop - having Native Americans be so ingrained in the making of the film, in front and behind the camera, definitely helps. It’s a great example of good representation.

Yep. Who would’ve thought we’d have great Predator and Top Gun (I found the first one was terrible, but I only watched it last year!) movies in this day and age?!

I’m there day one! After Peele stepped away from The Twilight Zone, I’m ready for another similar show; I love Serling and Peele’s runs of TTZ to death, and I do enjoy Black Mirror, but sometimes it can be a bit too dark and depressing, so hopefully this sits closer to TTZ.

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I’m treating myself to the theater today, even though I have a subscription anyway, lol. But you only turn 40 once, right?

DC League of Superpets. Should be a fun time.