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They want to make Game of Thrones their Star Wars

Russo brothers producing, Guy Ritchie directing. Don’t think you could get a better pairing

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A ‘GAME OF THRONES’ sequel series is in the works. The series will have Kit Harington reprise his role as Jon Snow. (Source:…) image

To my fellow book readers, this would be a prefect time to introduce Val, the Wildling Princess

Maybe, but if ever, merely in name. Val’s proposed purpose as a character died in S5 lol

Oh, did she die. I don’t even remember

She didn’t, but her purpose and the plotlines she was involved with in the books were either cut, heavily altered, or rushed to conclusion in Season 5. If she gets to ever be in the Jon sequel, it’d be solely in name and background, and even that it’d doubt, and to be a romantic interest for Jon but I think even that ship has probably sailed for Jon, considering Ygritte and Dany.

So you think John shall never love again. What is he, Buttercup from the Princess Bride?


So, is anyone watching Peaky Blinders in here? I’m dying to discuss lol.

Alfie Solomons might be Tom Hardy’s best character


Oooh… I might have to agree with you, which is saying a lot because Tom Hardy is one of those actors who melts into his roles, and you rarely see the same Tom Hardy twice.

Just saw Lightyear.

Very nice movie. Fantastic animation, some genuinely funny moments, one certain character is very funny, fun story. Definitely up for a sequel!

I got in the mood for Starfield like crazy when watching this, massive Starfield vibes here and there for sure.

A few months before the game comes out I’m gonna watch movies like Moon, Interstellar, Sunshine, etc, to extra get in the mood.

The wait for BCS final part is eating at me. To think we had to wait a year for BB’s final part :smiling_face_with_tear:

I started BB when its final part started :face_with_peeking_eye:

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That shit was criminal back then, especially with that cliffhanger.

I heard that this was AMC, they wanted at least another season and Gilligan didn’t. So AMC said OK, but we will have this mid season finale thing.

I also watched Lightyear yesterday with the kids of my cousins . The movie literally felt like a cartoon attempt at Interstellar. I was loving the animation and the story was ok . But the kids found it difficult to follow the time/space aspect and spent most of the movie confused . They were bored out of their mind at one point and we had to leave . :upside_down_face:

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Hehe that’s something I do with many shows as I don’t like to bother with waiting for weekly episodes anymore, only few shows are exempt from this.


5 more eps of Season 3 Stranger Things and then finally on to the latest. Looking forward to it.

It’s really such a great show. And that team up of Steve and Dustin in S2 rules.

Episode 4x4 is my favorite of the entire series

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As much as I liked Stranger Things season 4…FUCK THOSE GUYS

They had to feature my favorite peanut butter Jif. Now for three straight weeks it’s sold out everywhere

EDIT: Apparently it was recalled at the end of May in the U.S. because of Salmonella. Well…shit