Movies and TV shows thread


I’ll need to rewatch this episode; Catherine and I binged the show as soon as it was out. We then went through all three previous seasons again, and it only amplified my criticisms of Season 4 thus far. Still enjoy it and glad it’s still around obviously, but there are some obvious missteps this time around.

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Your misstep now would be telling me those criticisms

Because I will lock in that closet of yours. And no one will hear you scream…because of the sound proofing

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Have not loved Obi Wan, but I did love the finale

And episode 6 of The Boys was probably the best of the series to this point


The new Minions film. Lots of laughs, always a fun time with those.

Just started Stranger Things S4, saw episode 1. Great premiere, really missed this show, and RIP Chrissy, thought she was gonna be main cast this season lol

Looking forward for the rest, gonna be watching an episode a day and catch up to Vol. 2 with everyone else.


Same here. Just saw it. What I like is that it’s a different thing, it seems, this time around. It easily could have been more demogorgons but I’m glad it’s not. Hell, right now I’m not even sure it’s about the mindflayer and upside down anymore. Which makes it extra interesting, the new creature and what he does to Chrissy…damn.

And that beginning!

Eleven having done that massacre all those years ago, sheeeeeeeshhhh. Interesting!

Overall a nice build up of things, just like you I’m gonna do one episode a day. I thought only the first episode would be this long but I see episode 2 is as well. Nice!

Game of Thrones / A Song of Ice and Fire TV shows in development according to GRRM.

(Graphic from Alt Shift X)

HBO are seeing the huge potential of extended universe franchises, Game of Thrones is one of the biggest mainstream franchises in the last decade and capitalizing on that is not surprising.

Also, the dude is just not finishing the books.

Does anyone even believe GRRM? He can’t even finish a book.

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I blame the the show ending on such a sour note on two things.

1: Beniof and Weise getting sick of doing the show and writing two far too truncated seasons for what they had left. And part of what I think helped get them to take that attitude was…

2: George for creating a near impossible job for himself to reel in far too many threads with all the new shit he introduced his last few books. And then seemingly giving up on trying and taking tons of time off and getting lost in so many other projects no one gives a shit about. And idiots gave him all the permision in the world to do so with all the “take all the time you need George. Just make them good” Well, he certainly has and he will porbably be dead before he finishes even the next one. Forget the last one

He took less than three years a piece to get through books 1, 2 and 3. He took twice as long to get through the next two. And now nearly a decade on the penultimate enrty of ther book series. I think Dan and Dave intended to adapt there whole way through the TV series. And he fucked them on that…hard



I think the show really missed with his timeline. Before the show he didn’t have things to distract him.

It’s a case of a man finding fame too late in life. And he finally got to do a lot of things he wanted to do

And he will never flat out say it, but he obviously lost a lot of motivation to finish the books.

Just saw the movie Press Play in the cinema, it was the sneak preview this week, you never know what will be shown. But I wonder why the fuck I even bother with it anymore because rarely do they ever have something special, or even great.

This was a romantic drama, but with a time travel twist basically. But the shit doesn’t make sense.


Stranger Things Season 4 episode 4 was amazing.

I knew Max wouldn’t die, but the way that happened, the reason she’s been saved from Vecna, is satisfying even though not totally unique, it’sa great demonstration of arguably the biggest theme in the show to me; how human emotion and connection transcends all obstacles of the supernatural and evil. And Kate Bush being this integral to the plot was unexpected to say the least, finally understood why she was trending this last month

Ony of my all time favorites. A very special movie. The reason I love cooking. I can’t count how many times I watched it, it’s my comfort movie.


Fully agree. Was easily by favorite episode ever of the show

Mine is still the episode where they first find Will’s fake corpse mainly because of the use of Heroes by Peter Gabriel lol

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Finally saw the new Dr Strange.

I think it’s safe to say he can’t really carry a movie on his own lol. He’s fantastic as a supporting role but absolutely a bore fest as the main character. (IMO)

Atleast it wasn’t Eternals, but hey third times the charm. It took Thor all the way until Ragnarok to get a great movie. So whatever cosmic, space bending adventure he’s going on with Charlize Theron will probably be the last attempt at him having solo movies

Had no problem with Strange as a character myself, I really didn’t like the girl that was thrown in there with that ridiculous explanation of her powers. Also her acting wasn’t all that great. Felt like a super unnecessary addition.

You didn’t like the first Thor movie?