Microsoft in talks with Discord over $10 billion+ acquisition

I see discord is close to a possible sale, what chance this is Xbox/Microsoft?

I would think there are only about 5 or 6 possibilities with Microsoft being one


Highly doubt. They dont need skype, discord, and teams. Prolly like Amazon or something will buy them

Is $10B really worth it?


I think @Shpeshal_Nick once said that he heard MS was in talks with Discord about something, but not 100% sure about it. It would also be a great way to facilitate communication between consoles and PC players.

Yes. It’s one of the latest communication platforms on earth.

skype is dead and It is not the same as it was 10 years ago

teams is for business ,meeting and education

Discord is huge and used a lot in gaming communities , And I think it’s a great app if Microsoft can get it and integrate it with game pass


MS has multiple technologies filling the same area. This is purchase that I think MS would need to make.

Possible candidates for me would be MS, Amazon, Google, Tencent, but yeah there were rumours some time ago about MS trying to bring Discord on Xbox.


According to the latest statistics they have 100 million Monthly Active Users in 2020 and 250 million Registered Users

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It could even replace clubs and all that communautary stuff on Xbox.


I don’t know, I think I’m just getting old. I don’t see what is all the fuss around Discord. The times I tried it I thought it was really, really confusing. :frowning:

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Discord is becoming very popular for communities. And MS really wants some social network in their portfolio.


They were even ready to buy Pinterest.

I know. And it cost much more. And Discord is like 1.5 Bethesda. MS needs some social network because they don’t have any media platform. Amazon has Twitch, Facebook has … a whole bunch of them. MS doesn’t have any.

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Because of the epidemic and the economic crisis that the world is experiencing , Microsoft should increase investments as much as possible because the money that they have in the bank soon will decrease in value because of inflation

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Yeah, and we know MS is ready to put a bunch of money into a communautary system that could help them push their products in a significant way as seen with TikTok, or Pinterest ).

Yeah, MS wants to spend to 50 bil this year it seems.

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Exactly, so 10 billions would seem like nothing in comparison. Of course, this is all speculation for now.

Don’t let Sony hear about this!

10bn for Discord makes all the sense for MS.