Metaphor Re Fantazio( project RE fantasy) is a HUGE get for MS

Massive get for xbox. This game was announced Waaaay back. New IP from Atlus. Looks great. Cannot wait

Atlus putting SE to shame


So about no new titles from Atlus on Xbox…


After seeing this I had two thoughts.

-Atlus is throwing more support behind Xbox currently than Square Enix, ATLUS!

-Secondly, there is NO WAY Persona 6 doesn’t come to Xbox day and date with the PS5 version!


While I wasn’t expecting the game here, I knew this game would come to Xbox

I’ve been spot on so far. Refantasy is multiplat and Etrian Odyssey is Nintendo exclusive (not because of moneyhat but because it’s a very niche game). Persona 6 will be multiplat day 1


Not my cup of tea, but congrats to all the Xbox weebs out there. They are really putting in the work for you guys and it is awesome to see.


Not for me but huge get for Microsoft and Xbox. Will be surprised if Persona 6 isn’t on Xbox day one.

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That Persona 6 is rumor for 2026. That a long ass time away Xbox might buy Sega and own Atlus by that time lol.


Haha. True. But first things first - ABK.

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I don’t even care about ABK anymore. if it pass? It pass. If not? Whatever, I’m so long over it now.

Yeah, I agree but until that’s over and done with, there is no Sega or anyone else for that matter.


It’s kinda funny looking back at the Persona 3 remake leaks from a couple of days ago. People making fun of Atlus leaking it on their account only for Project Re Fantasy to show up out of nowwhere. GG!


I have seen reactions like they knew about the first two, so when Atlus appeared the third time, they actually look confused and surprised.



Looked at some reaction, many thought it was going to be Persona 6 lol.

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I thought it was SMT ports. Lol.


I knew what it was immediately when it said Studio Zero. But I definitely wasn’t expecting to see it here or even see it this year lol

Yeah, I didn’t do research on it beforehand, so I was left wondering what was it.


I’ve been following it forever lol. Atlus has been “building up” this game for a long time. The last Etrian Odyssey game on 3DS had dlc that let you change a party member’s appearance to a character from Refantasy. Catherine Full Body had a Refantasy track in the jukebox.

Never forget the strangest teaser I’ve ever seen :joy:


I still remember when it was first talked about I just assumed there was no way in blue hell this game was ever coming to xbox . How things have changed. Be funny if this game ends up outselling FF16.

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