Persona 3 Portable, 4 Golden, and 5 Royale Coming to Xbox Consoles, Cloud, and PC

Most likely. Personally. The more games skipping switch in favour for switch 2 the better.

Totally agree with you! The problem is…well…I dont know…isnt there a the possibility of SEGA/ATLUS being as stupid as Square Enix in regards of limiting the reach of your franchise?

Common sense (and actual SEGA slides) would dictate that, with the new massive audience the persona IP is going to reach thanks to xbox (mostly gamepass users I think) pc and switch, the next logical step is to open Persona 6 to many platforms as possible and get a massive release but, you know…you can never predict how some japanese studios will act.

The advertising for this game… I was just gonna wait until P3 releases since that’s the one I wanna play. I spent a good amount of time playing it a couple years ago but never got to finish. I might as well give 5 a try since it’s on Game Pass.


Trying to predict Persona 6 exclusivity/switch release etc is a fools game

This is Atlus, nobody knows what they will do, they are one of the most unpredictable studios out there

Plus something to bear in mind is they aren’t a massive studio, I imagine porting all these games to all these new platforms took a lot of work and that’s an old game

Building P6 a brand new game on top of bringing it to ps/xbox/pc/switch on Day 1 might simply be too much work for them, unless maybe xbox can extend support to help them out to make things easier

But who knows, personally im expecting some sort of PS exclusivity despite all the xbox marketing

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Atlus aren’t the biggest studio in the world, but they are still rather sizable at 300+ and backed by Sega. Also, if they can manage to port a less prolific title like Soul Hackers 2 to multiple platforms, I can’t imagine them not trying to release their biggest franchise to multiple consoles.

Anyway, Persona 6 being exclusive or multiplat is nothing more than conjecture at this point. There is some dude on otherera who claims it’s exclusive, but nothing was shared by that user that would lend them any credibility.

If it does end up being exclusive to PS it would make this big advertising campaign absolutely hilarious though. Imagine beating the drums about the franchise finally coming to Xbox for the sequel not to release on the platform, MS would fully deserve to get clowned for that.

How about Project Re Fantasy? Does anyone think that will also launch PS exclusive?

And I’ll keep repeating it, Sega is the one making Atlus go multiplat, not Atlus themselves. Soul Hackers 2 Xbox and PC was ported by Artdink, Persona Remasters are being handled by Sega.

The reasoning I’m seeing for P6 being a PS only game is “It’s Atlus” which is an argument shot down by Sega helping with multiplat by outsourcing or doing it themselves, or “Sony will moneyhat it” which they’ve never done with any Atlus game before, and Sega would be going back on their “we’re multiplat from now on” word. I’m not even sure if Sega would accept a Sony moneyhat.

The only exclusive Atlus game I can see coming is Etrian Odyssey Next which I think will be a Switch exclusive, due to being so niche, they may think Switch is the only well off platform for it.

I’m doing my part with pre-orders of Soul Hackers 2 and P5R. I’ll do the same for P3P and P4G when the time comes. I’m also filling out whatever surveys MS or Sega send me. I don’t know that it’s a matter of MS showing Atlus that there’s an audience so much as it is consumers showing MS that it’s worth it to dump money into securing P6.

Realistically speaking, I don’t think that P6 exclusivity would cost as much as FFXVI or FFVIIR did. If it’s simply a matter of matching Sony’s offer and maybe financing a port, then I don’t think that’s out of the realm of possibility. Just need to prove that it’s worth that investment by making this one really count and there’s even more pressure on it since I don’t think Xbox SH2 sales really set the world on fire.

Or the ABK deal falls through and MS snatches up a dozen studios and publishers including Sega and Square-Enix and we never have to worry about it again :wink:

Considering that it might have started the development in PS4 era, Sony could be involved like with Team Ninja’s project :man_shrugging: Only acquisition can guarantee that Sony won’t have its hands on japanese games.

ABK success or failure has nothing to do with acquisitions in japan :man_shrugging:

What, like Sony XDEV is working on it? Or that Sony is publishing it? That would be a first. Every Atlus game that’s been PS exclusive was exclusive to PS for free, Sony had nothing to do with those and just took them for granted. I should also add that the game’s platform was never announced so that crosses out Sony being involved with development.

You could actually even unlock the music from the Re Fantasy trailer in Catherine Full Body which is a game that’s on Switch (and PS)

Was the game even properly announced though? I don’t think that Project Fantasy is even a final name.

Technically yes, because there was the concept trailer.

I should add, I do think there will continue to be Atlus skips for Xbox. Persona 4 Arena already skipped Xbox this year. I already said I think Etrian Odyssey is exclusive to Switch. And I do think Vanillaware games (which Atlus publishes) aren’t coming to Xbox (I think they’re Switch/PS).

Major games like Re Fantasy and P6, I don’t think launch exclusive to PS anymore.

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Did it skip or was just removed as BC?

The remaster for Persona 4 Arena Ultimax skipped Xbox. It was on 360 and isn’t on BC (only the original Persona 4 Arena is)

Granted, like Vanillaware, this is also a game that’s developed outside of Sega. Arcsys made it.

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My copy just got delivered.


Mine too but I’ve been playing already. You didn’t get the Steelbook?

I remember people were saying that if Microsoft is not doing marketing via banners and etc. then it is not necessary. Yet

It is like a second launch of Persona 5 :fire:


That’s not what folks said.

Do you have any actual data to provide return on investment for all this marketing expenditure?

Who knows but as if can see Microsoft promoting Persona more than its own first party games, then it has a good ROI

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Kinda assumed every pre-order would be the Steelbook edition. Turns out only a few retailers got Steelbooks were I live. Not too fussed about it though since I have the regular P5 Steelbook.

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